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CHRISTOPHE BOUTON, The Critical Theory of History: Rethinking the Philosophy of History in the Light of Koselleck’s Work || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

SJOERD GRIFFIOEN, Modernity and the Problem of its Christian Past: The Geistesgeschichten of Blumenberg, Berger, and Gauchet || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

AXEL MICHAELS, MANIK BAJRACHARYA, NIELS GUTSCHOW, MADELEINE HERREN, BERND SCHNEIDMÜLLER, GERALD SCHWEDLER, and ASTRID ZOTTER, Nepalese History in a European Experience: A Case Study in Transcultural Historiography || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

TAKASHI SHOGIMEN, On the Elusiveness of Context || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

NOËL BONNEUIL on William M. Reddy, The Making of Romantic Love: Longing and Sexuality in Europe, South Asia, and Japan, 900–1200 c || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

PAUL A. ROTH on Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen, Postnarrativist Philosophy of Historiography || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

JURANDIR MALERBA on Ignacio Olábarri Gortázar, Las vicisitudes de Clío (siglos XVIII–XXI): Ensayos historiográficos; Fernando Sánchez Marcos, Las huellas del futuro: Historiografía y cultura histórica en el siglo XX; and Jaume Aurell, Catalina Balmaceda, Peter Burke, and Felipe Soza, Comprender el pasado: Una historia de la escritura y el pensamiento histórico || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

WOODRUFF D. SMITH on German Colonialism in a Global Age, edited by Bradley Naranch and Geoff Eley || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MATTHEW GARRETT on Ten Books that Shaped the British Empire: Creating an Imperial Commons, edited by Antoinette Burton and Isabel Hofmeyr || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

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KENAN VAN DE MIEROOP, On the Advantage and Disadvantage of Black History Month for Life: The Creation of the Post-Racial Era  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

HÉLIO REBELLO CARDOSO, JR., Peirce and Foucault on Time and History: The Tasks of (Dis)continuity || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

ARNALDO MOMIGLIANO, The Rules of the Game in the Study of Ancient History (translated by Kenneth W. Yu) || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MARGRIT PERNAU and IMKE RAJAMANI, Emotional Translations: Conceptual History beyond Language || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

HARRY JANSEN, In Search of New Times: Temporality in the Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

JOHN E. TOEWS on The Sage Handbook of Historical Theory. Edited by Nancy Partner and Sarah Foot || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MATTHEW SPECTER on Rethinking Modern European Intellectual History. Edited by Darrin M. McMahon and Samuel Moyn || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

AVIEZER TUCKER on Richard C. Carrier, Proving History: Bayes’s Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

BRANKO MITROVIĆ on Tim Crane, Aspects of Psychologism and Crane, The Objects of Thought || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

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History and Theory in a Global Frame


ETHAN KLEINBERG and WILLIAM R. PINCH, History and Theory in a Global Frame || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

NILS RIECKEN, History, Time, and Temporality in a Global Frame: Abdallah Laroui’s Historical Epistemology of History || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MARK THURNER, Historical Theory through a Peruvian Looking Glass || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

XUPENG ZHANG, In and Out of the West: On the Past, Present, and Future of Chinese Historical Theory  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

DILIP M. MENON, Writing History in Colonial Times: Polemic and the Recovery of Self in Late Nineteenth-Century South India  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MATEUS HENRIQUE DE FARIA PEREIRA, PEDRO AFONSO CRISTOVAO DOS SANTOS, and THIAGO LIMA NICODEMO, Brazilian Historical Writing in Global Perspective: On the Emergence of the Concept of “Historiography”  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

CHRISTOPHER CLEMENTS, Between Affect and History: Sovereignty and Ordinary Life at Akwesasne, 1929–1942 || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

RANJAN GHOSH, Rabindranath and Rabindranath Tagore: Home, World, History || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

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BRANKO MITROVIĆ, Historical Understanding and Historical Interpretation as Contextualization || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

BERBER BEVERNAGE, The Past Is Evil/Evil Is Past: On Retrospective Politics, Philosophy of History, and Temporal Manichaeism || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

PETER BAEHR, Stalinism in Retrospect: Hannah Arendt || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Forum: Foucault and Neoliberalism:

MATTHEW SPECTER, Introduction || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MICHAEL C. BEHRENT, Can the Critique of Capitalism Be Antihumanist? || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MITCHELL DEAN, Foucault Must Not Be Defended || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

SERGE AUDIER,  Neoliberalism through Foucault’s Eyes || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

JAN E. GOLDSTEIN on Michael S. Roth, Memory, Trauma, and History: Essays on Living with the Past || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

VERA SCHWARCZ on Otto Dov Kulka, Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death: Reflections on Memory and Imagination, and Thomas Trezise, Witnessing Witnessing: On the Reception of Holocaust Survivor Testimony  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

WILLIAM JOHNSTON on Katsuya Hirano, The Politics of Dialogic Imagination: Power and Popular Culture in Early Modern Japan || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

DAVID P. JORDAN on Patrice Gueniffey, Bonaparte, 1769–1802 and Andrew Roberts, Napoleon, A Life || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

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Forum: After Narrativism:

ZOLTÁN BOLDIZSÁR SIMON and JOUNI-MATTI KUUKKANEN, Introduction: Assessing Narrativism || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

ANTON FROEYMAN, Never the Twain Shall Meet? How Narrativism and Experience Can Be Reconciled by Dialogical Ethics || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

ZOLTÁN BOLDIZSÁR SIMON, The Expression of Historical Experience || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MARTIN NOSÁL, The Gadamerian Approach to the Relation between Experience and Language || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

EUGEN ZELEŇÁK, Two Versions of a Constructivist View of Historical Work || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

JOUNI-MATTI KUUKKANEN, Why We Need to Move from Truth-functionality to Performativity in Historiography || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library


JAUME AURELL, Making History by Contextualizing Oneself: Autobiography as Historiographical Intervention || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

ISAAC ARIAIL REED on Bourdieu and Historical Analysis, ed. Philip S. Gorski || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

PETER FENVES on Anthony K. Jensen, Nietzsche’s Philosophy of History || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

DAVID D. ROBERTS on Enciclopedia italiana di scienze, lettere ed arti: Il contributo italiano alla storia del pensiero, ottava appendice: Storia e politica, ed. Giuseppe Galasso || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

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HARRY JANSEN, Time, Narrative, and Fiction: The Uneasy Relationship between Ricoeur and a Heterogeneous Temporality || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

MATTHEW BUNN, Reimagining Repression: New Censorship Theory and After || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

JAMES CRACRAFT, History as Philosophy || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

GUIDO VANHEESWIJCK,  Does History Matter?  Charles Taylor on the Transcendental Validity of Social Imaginaries || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

MARGRIT PERNAU on Fear across the Disciplines, ed. Jan Plamper and Benjamin Lazier, and Facing Fear: The History of an Emotion in Global Perspective, ed. Michael Laffan and Max Weiss || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

HARRY HAROOTUNIAN on Kojin Karatani, The Structure of World History: From Modes of Production to Modes of Exchange || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

JÖRN RÜSEN on Johannes Rohbeck, Zukunft der Geschichte: Geschichtsphilosophie und Zukunftsethik  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

STEPHEN LEACH on Rik Peters, History as Thought and Action: The Philosophies of Croce, Gentile, de Ruggiero and Collingwood || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM on Global Intellectual History, ed. Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

JÜRGEN OSTERHAMMEL on Kris Manjapra, Age of Entanglement: German and Indian Intellectuals across Empire || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library