History Department


(surveys are numbered 200-299)

FALL 2015

HIST202-01 Early Modern Europe Garcia,Samuel J   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC004;
HIST204-01 Greek History Szegedy-Maszak,Andrew    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; SHAN107;
HIST211-01 Digital History Shaw,Gary    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; FISK101;
HIST217-01 Africa to 1800 Twagira,Laura Ann    
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM; PAC422;
HIST219-01 Russian and Soviet History, 1881 to the Present Smolkin-Rothrock,Victoria    
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; PAC002;
HIST223-01 History of Traditional China Tan,Ying Jia    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC002;
HIST240-01 20th-Century United States History Schatz,Ronald W.   
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC002;
HIST242-01 Introduction to Modern African American History Harris,Clemmie L.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM; CAAS LOUNG;
HIST245-01 Survey of Latin American History Dimas,Carlos Salvador   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; WYL114;
HIST247-01 Jewish History: From Biblical Israel to Diaspora Jews Greenblatt,Rachel Laura   
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC002;
HIST252-01 Industrializations: Commodities in World History Fullilove,Courtney    
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM; PAC107;
HIST262-01 Seeing a Bigger Picture: Integrating Environmental History and Visual Studies Tucker,Jennifer    
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM; ALLB103;
HIST263-01 Inside Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 Grimmer-Solem,Erik    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM; PAC004;
HIST263-02 Inside Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 Grimmer-Solem,Erik    
..T.R.. 01:10PM-02:30PM; PAC004;
HIST274-01 Public History Williams,Amrys O.   
..T.R.. 10:30AM-11:50AM; VVO110;
HIST277-01 Duty, Power, Pleasure, Release: Key Themes in Classical Indian Thought Wagoner,Phillip B.   
.M.W.F. 09:00AM-09:50AM; WYL113;


HIST203-01 Modern Europe Greene,Nathanael    
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM;
HIST210-01 American Jewish History, 1492-2001 Schatz,Ronald W.   
.M.W... 02:40PM-04:00PM;
HIST212-01 Modern Africa Twagira,Laura Ann    
.M.W.F. 10:00AM-10:50AM;
HIST224-01 Modern China: States, Transnations, Individuals, and Worlds Tan,Ying Jia    
..T.R.. 09:00AM-10:20AM;
HIST234-01 The Modern Middle East Masters,Bruce A.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM;
HIST236-01 Religion and National Culture in the United States Hill,Patricia R.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM;
HIST239-01 The Long 19th Century in the United States Fullilove,Courtney    
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM;
HIST241-01 African American History, 1444-1877 Eudell,Demetrius L.   
.M.W... 01:10PM-02:30PM;
HIST255-01 Imperial Spain, c.1450-1800 Garcia,Samuel J   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM;
HIST260-01 Japan Before 1868: Society and Culture in Premodern Japanese History Johnston,William D.   
..T.R.. 02:40PM-04:00PM;
HIST293-01 The U.S. Civil War, 1861-1865 Eudell,Demetrius L.   
.M.W... 08:30AM-09:50AM;