History Department

The History Majors Committee is a resource for students and faculty alike to help organize events and communicate ideas to improve the History program at Wes! We organize film screenings, thesis coffee hours, and even helped shape the module system. We are a group of students who are really excited about History and are here to help!


Tina Jung, 2015 (hjung@wesleyan.edu)

Tina is a senior international student from South Korea, double majoring in East Asian Studies and History. Her modules are Contemporary History and Social Movements & Revolutions.

Earl Lin, 2015 (elin@wesleyan.edu)

Earl Lin is a senior, double majoring in History and American Studies. His modules in the history major are North America and Religion, with particular interests in early United States history, twentieth century United States history, and secularism. He is in the process of planning a thesis on mid-twentieth century urban renewal in Middletown and New Haven, Connecticut as a case study in cooperative federalism. Earl has also had his essay “From Olmstead to Katz: The Construction of a Constitutionally Protected Soundscape” published in Historical Narratives, Wesleyan’s undergraduate history journal, and currently sits on the journal’s editorial board.

Emma Rothberg, 2015 (erothberg@wesleyan.edu)

Emma Rothberg is a senior concentrating in U.S history and Race.  Her primary area of interest is the 19th century, specifically the antebellum period and the Civil War. Her senior thesis will explore an aspect of reconstructed memory in the post bellum United States.