Human Resources

As a follow-up to President Roth's announcement regarding summer hours, we would like to provide you with the following guidelines:

• For six weeks in the summer of 2014, the University will close most offices at noon on the following Fridays (6/20, 6/27, 7/12, 7/18, 7/25 and 8/1).

• These “summer hours” will not affect compensation.

• All employees scheduled to work on these dates after 12:00 noon may participate in summer hours.

• Employees are not expected to work additional hours Monday through Thursday in order to account for this time off.

• Employees who are required by their office to work during summer hours may choose to take equivalent time off on another day before 8/1 with the approval of their supervisor.

• Salaried employees who work a shortened work week (4 out of 5 days or 9 out of 10 days) in accordance with the “alternate work schedule for full-time employees” policy are required to revert to a standard work week schedule if they would like to participate in summer hours. Exempt (salaried) employees who work flexible hours (five days a week but non-standard start and end times) are eligible to participate in summer hours and may leave at noon with no change to their current schedules.

• Full-time, hourly paid employees not normally scheduled to work on Fridays during the summer may choose to take equivalent time off before 8/1 subject to their supervisor's approval.

• Part-time employees who are not scheduled to work on these dates will not be given alternate time off and may not shift their regular work schedule to participate in summer hours.

• Employees who would like a full day off on these dates must supplement summer hours with vacation or personal time with supervisor’s approval.

• When completing timesheets for summer hours, office/clerical employees are asked to record “summer hours” in the time and time off recording system. Hourly administrative staff employees should record “regular hours”. Exempt staff do not need to make any updates in Time and Time Off Recording.

• Employees are reminded to update out of office messages on voicemail and email appropriately.

• The practice of summer hours will be reviewed annually.

• Physical Plant and Public Safety union employees participate under separate guidelines

Please contact Julia Hicks (ext. 4860) or Pat Melley (ext. 4889) if you have any questions. We hope you all enjoy your summer.


Julia Hicks


Pat Melley

Director of Human Resources


Director of Human Resources