Human Resources


Eligible faculty members will continue to be paid their regular salary for occasional absences because of illness or injury. Eligible faculty members who are absent for more than six consecutive working days due to illness or injury will be paid regular salary up to a maximum of six months subject to approval by Wesleyan’s Short Term Disability insurance provider. 

Employees who work at least 975 hours per year will continue to receive their normal salary for occasional absences because of non-work related illness or injury. Absences for six or more consecutive days due to such an injury or illness will be paid according to the following short-term disability schedule:*

Length of service 


100% pay for up to:


Then, at 60% for up to: 

Less than two years 

One month 

Five additional months 

Two to three years 

Two months 

Four additional months 

Three to four years 

Three months 

Three additional months 

Four to five years 

Four months 

Two additional months 

Five to six years 

Five months 

One additional month 

Six or more years 

Six months 

Not applicable 

*Eligibility for short-term disability payments are subject to approval by Wesleyan’s short-term disability insurance provider. 

For more information, please refer to: Disability Plan