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Life Insurance

The university’s group term life insurance plan consists of:

  • Basic life insurance that is fully paid by the university. Coverage equals one times salary up to $50,000.

  • Optional employee and spouse/partner life insurance that is fully paid by the participant.  You can apply for up to five times your salary up to $750,000.  Maximum guarantee issue amount is $200,000.  Spouse/partner can apply in increments of $10,000 up to $100,000.  Maximum guarantee issue amount is $30,000.  Spouse/partner life insurance cannot exceed 50% of employee supplemental life insurance.

  • Optional dependent children life insurance is fully paid by the participant.  The flat amount of life insurance is $100 after age 15 days to 6 months and then $5,000 to age 26. 

  • Dependent Child Life Rates are *.35 per month regardless of how many dependent children are covered.

 Life Insurance Plan Description

Both basic and optional life insurance end when the participant’s Wesleyan employment ends unless the participant is eligible for benefits under the long term disability plan or as an early retiree.

Participant payments for life insurance are automatically deducted from faculty or staff member’s pay. A beneficiary must be designated for employee life insurance. The faculty or staff member is assumed to be the beneficiary for spouse/qualified domestic partner and dependent children life insurance unless a different beneficiary is designated. Life insurance forms are available in Human Resources.

Life insurance will decrease by 65% on the anniversary date which occurs on or follows the date you attain age 65 and again when you attain age 70.  In no event will the amount of life insurance be less than $10,000

Supplemental Life Insurance 

Rates for optional life insurance are based on age. For each thousand dollars of optional life insurance coverage, the monthly rates are:


Monthly Rate per $1,000

Non-Smoker Rates

Smoker Rates

< 25



25 - 29



30 - 34



35 - 39



40 - 44



45 - 49



50 - 54



55 - 59



60 - 64



65 - 69



> 69



(Rates will increase on January 1st after age increases to the next bracket.)









Benefit Disclaimer
Benefit summaries are provided for the convenience of Wesleyan employees. Employees are directed to read the relevant benefit plan documents. In the event of a conflict between the terms of any summary and the terms of actual plan document, the terms of plan documents will control. Except where prohibited by collective bargaining or other agreement, Wesleyan reserves the right to alter, modify or suspend any benefit at any time. While Wesleyan selects its benefit providers after thoughtful review, it disclaims responsibility for the ultimate performance of such providers.