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Eligibility: Newly appointed professional librarians with a minimum one year appointment may be eligible for relocation expenses if they have a change in job location that increases their one-way commuting distance from their old residence by at least 50 miles.  Please refer to your offer letter for details regarding your eligibility.


Relocation Reimbursement/Payment Process: Expenses will be reimbursed based on IRS eligible moving related expenses and distance test requirements (refer to


Eligible expenses include:

  • Packing and shipment of household goods;
  • Airfare or mileage incurred in moving to new location;
  • Transportation and lodging expenses en route to new location;
  • One house-hunting trip.


Option 1: The newly appointed faculty member will obtain a quote/estimate from our preferred mover:       

Olympia Moving & Storage (Wheaton World Wide Moving)
            Contact: Mariah Potter

Phone: 617-231-1207 direct
Fax: 502-237-1207 - fax
Toll Free: 800-222-4744 - main line


Olympia Moving & Storage (Wheaton World Wide Moving) will coordinate billing with Human Resources based on the quote/estimate (not to exceed the eligible benefit amount).  If the quote/estimate exceeds the eligible benefit amount, the payment of the remaining balance will be the newly appointed staff member’s responsibility.


Option 2: The newly appointed staff member will move all household goods on his/her own and will pay for the expenses directly.  The newly appointed staff member will be reimbursed for all eligible expenses (not to exceed the eligible benefit amount) by submitting an itemized expense form along with all original receipts to Human Resources.


Valid receipts are required for reimbursement of all eligible expenses.  The newly appointed staff member will not be reimbursed for any expenses without a receipt.


The University will not provide reimbursement for individuals who assist a newly appointed staff member with his/her personal move.


Lauren Davis Stumpf is available to counsel newly appointed professional librarians regarding the use of this policy.  Please contact her at