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Mission Statement

The mission of the Wesleyan University Wellness Program is to establish a work environment that encourages faculty, staff and their families to take responsibility for their physical and mental well-being through health awareness and healthy lifestyles. This program supports a comprehensive approach to decreasing the incidence, duration and severity of preventable illnesses and disease by promoting educational opportunities, wellness activities and self-improvement.


Fall 2016 Cardinal Fit Challenge

The Cardinal Fit Committee has been working hard to develop challenges that appeal to all.  Upon reviewing the participation in past challenges we learned three things:

  • The Wesleyan community thrives on TEAM COMPETITION rather than individual milestones.
  • Short term challenges are prefered rather than semester-long goals
  • The less administratives requirements, the better

This fall we are offering a new challenge that includes all of the above and hope that you will all participate!  The fall challenge will include teams, will only last 4 weeks and the points only have to be submitted once.  The purpose of the challenge is to enhance your healthy lifestyle so, although the weekly requirements focus on physical activity, the bonuses will incorporate nutrition and proper techniques for exercise. 

For more details, please see the GUIDELINES.  Any questions, please email

Cardinal Fit Motivate Me Points Program

The Wesleyan Incentive Points Program for current employees, spouses and partners is a great way for you to motivate yourself to take positive steps toward a healthier life.  You will be rewarded for participating in health improvement programs and completing various milestones.  By actively participating, you will be eligible to earn points that can be redeemed for premium savings.  Each point earned equals $1.  Each participant is eligible to earn up to $150/150 points on a semi-annual basis.  There are two programs: one for CIGNA participants and one for those not enrolled with Cigna.


Wesleyan Adult Fitness Classes

Please click on link to the left to learn more about great classes and workshops.