Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity & Inclusion provides leadership and accountability to resolve systemic inequities for all members of the Wesleyan community through a metrics-based approach to research, education, and service, by promoting a healthy, thriving campus climate and a community of excellence.

Research (including committee involvement and reports; links to articles)

Education (including partnerships and associations)

Services (including announcements about educational and career opportunities)


The Office advocates for inclusion and equity in all aspects of university life. E&I staff are members of the following committee where they contribute and gain insight into critical issues facing the campus.
  • Committee Involvement
    • Center for African American Studies Advisory Board
      Connections Mentor Program
      Dwight Greene Symposium and AOC/SOC Coordinating Committee
      Edgar Beckham HH Planning Committee
      Ronald E. McNair Advisory Board
      Dr. MLK Jr. Commemoration Planning Committee
      Muslim Women's Voices Committee
      Public Safety Committee
      Wesleyan Math and Science Scholars (WesMaSS) Program Coordinating Team
  • Links to Relevent Articles
    • Re: College Student Social and Emotional Development


      Re: First Generation Topics


      Re: Race


      Re: Restorative Justice


Education Partnerships and Associations

E&I staff represent Wesleyan University in a range of institutional and professional organizations.
  • Institutional Organizations
    • Administrators and Faculty of Color Alliance (AFCA)
  • Professional Organizations
    • American Association of University Women (AAUW)

      Liberal Arts Diversity Officers (LADO) organization