Adapted from Francesco Colonna, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (Venice: Aldus Manutius ..., Dec. 1499). Courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, Olin Library, Wesleyan University.

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Past Picks

September 22, 1999
Queer Alliance
Queer Alliance is a student group that plans queer-related social and political activities to address issues on campus and in the world. Some of our activities include queer-related speakers, parties, petitions, and BGLAD-Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Awareness Days, for several weeks in the spring. QA also acts as an organizing group for Step 1, Diva, LBQ and GBQ.

September 10, 1999
Research & Sponsored Programs
Paula Lawson from Academic Affairs runs this useful site, aimed at helping faculty find external funding opportunities.

May 12, 1999
The Political Novel
Professor Cecilia Miller's ambitious course web sites includes resources drawn from across the campus and across the internet..

May 5, 1999
Social Psychology Network
Professor Scott Plous's Social Psychology Network uses the web to facilitate research and teaching in Social Psychology. With over 4,000 links to psychology-related resources, it is the largest social psychology database on the net. It features a search engine that searches the sites that it links to, interactive forums for discussion of psychology-related topics, and a job posting center.

April 26, 1999
The Library
From Lexis-Nexis to the OED, from JSTOR to the CTW On-line Catalog, the library offers the Wesleyan Community a vast array of high-quality information sources to further the mission of teaching and research.

April 19, 1999
Anthony Braxton's TriCentric Foundation
The Tri-Centric Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation started by MacArthur Award-winning composer/educator Anthony Braxton and a board of the Northeast's working musicians, academics, and administrators. Its mission is based on the premise that musical principles inform and are informed by sociocultural and philosophical dynamics; and that music education and practice can be a vital force in learning to adapt to and positively influence today's rapidly changing world.

April 12, 1999
Students for a Free Tibet
Wesleyan's Students for a Free Tibet uses the web to serve its mission of assisting Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom, following the non-violent philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism; educating and engaging campuses and communities by sponsoring lectures,discussion groups, concerts, Tibetan awareness weeks, cultural observances, demonstrations and other forms of protest, and reaching out to campuses and communities in order to mobilize student support for the cause.

April 5, 1999
La Unidad Latina
Wesleyan's chapter of the Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity maintains a set of links to other chapters, as well as a photo gallery, a calendar, and chapter history.

March 1, 1999
The student-run Wesunity site maintains a compendium of links and news relating to activism on campus, as well as links to local and national resources.

February 22, 1999
Davison Art Center
The Davison Art Center maintains a page linking to its present exhibits, both physical and on-line, as well as extensive visual resources, collections used in Wesleyan courses, schedules for gallery talks, and much more.

February 16, 1999
Synthesis: Wesleyan's Webazine of Science & Technology
Synthesis is a student magazine on science and technology-related topics for a general audience produced as part of the Wesleyan Science/Writing Project. It showcases student writing by both science and non-science majors and includes student work submitted in general education courses offered through the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics (NSM).

February 9, 1999
The Wesleyan Virtual Tour
Wesleyan's admissions office provides a tour of the campus available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

February 2, 1999
The Wesleyan Argus
Wesleyan's student newspaper gets their web edition out before the print edition hits the street.

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