For the student who wants to explore a variety of histories and cultures, Wesleyan's curriculum has a great deal to offer. You can major in areas such as East Asian Studies or Latin American Studies, or you can fashion programs of study outside your major that focus on, for example, Middle Eastern, South Asian or African studies. See hundreds of course offerings in the online catalog.

Additionally, students may choose to study any of a number of different languages and cultures. These include French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese through the Romance Languages & Literatures Department; Chinese, Japanese and Korean through the Asian Languages and Literatures Department; Greek and Latin through the Classical Studies Department; Hebrew and Arabic through Middle Eastern StudiesGerman; and Russian.

Browse some examples of courses:

Languages & Literatures
  • Caribbean Writers in the U.S. Diaspora
  • German Pop and Literature After 1968
  • Contemporary East Asian Cinema
  • Classic French Comics
  • War, Resistance & the Holocaust in Italy: Reflections on Conflict & Violence
  • A Matter of Life and Death: Fiction in the Soviet Era
Arts & Culture
  • Mughal India: Introduction to the Practice of Art History
  • Beginning Taiko-Japanese Drumming
  • Bharata Natyam I: Introduction of South Indian Classical Dance
  • Global Hip Hop
  • Javanese Gamelan
  • West African Music and Culture
  • Japanese History Through Film
  • Modern India
  • Jewish History: From Biblical Israel to Diaspora Jews
  • Gender and Authority in African Societies
  • Understanding the Arab Spring
  • Comparative French Revolutions
Religion and Philosophy
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy
  • Human Rights Across Cultures
  • Modern Shamanism: Ecstasy and Ancestors in the New Age
  • Islamic Civilization: The Classical Age
  • Religion in the Roman Empire
  • Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Social Sciences
  • China's Economic Transformation
  • Comparative Economics of Child & Family Policy in Post-Industrial Countries
  • Latin American Politics
  • Africa in World Politics
  • International Law
  • Culture in Psychology