Outside the Classroom

Wesleyan is a residential college where life outside the classroom is an essential part of every student’s educational experience. Here is a list of student groups with a distinctly international twist:


  • Enough Foundation (education for children in Pakistan) 
  • Wesleyan Global Businesses Brigade 
  • Half the Sky Movement (worldwide oppression of women) 
  • IIMPACT India 
  • Liberty in North Korea 
  • Shining Hope for Communities (education for girls and healthcare in Kenya) 
  • WeSJP (Palestine) 
  • Brighter Dawns: Combatting Health Disparities (in Bangladesh) 
  • Students for Sayaxche (supports hospital in Guatemala) 
  • Wesleyan International Relations Association 
  • Wesleyan Students United with Israel 
  • J Street U (supports facilitating two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict) 
  • United Nations Wesleyan Society 

Identity Groups

  • African Students Association 
  • Ajua Campos (Latino students association) 
  • Asian American Student Collective 
  • Caribbean Students Association 
  • Chinese Board Game 
  • WesQuisqueya (Dominican students association) 
  • Hong Kong Student Association 
  • Indonesyan 
  • Japan Society 
  • Korean Students Association 
  • PADThai
  • PANGEA (promotes exchange of cultural ideas within the international community)
  • Para La Familia (resources and support for Spanish speaking families) 
  • PINOY (Filipino students association) 
  • Shakti (South Asian students association) 
  • SUYA (African students association)
  • Taiwanese Cultural Society 
  • Ujamaa (African diaspora) 
  • Vietnamese Student Association



  • Wes Multi-Cultural Drama and Performance
  • Wesleyan Bellydance 
  • Caliente (Latino-Carribbean dance) 
  • Dragon/Lion Dance (Chinese) 
  • FUSION Dance Crew (multi-cultural) 
  • ISIS: Women of Color Dance Troupe 
  • KALALU (Caribbean dance) 
  • Mabuhay (Asian American performance) 
  • X-Tacy The Collective (hip-hop, reggae and reggaeton genres)
  • Music Slavei (a capella music from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus region)
  • Kaze (Japanese drumming) 
  • Klezmer Band 
  • Radical Performance Machine (multi-cultural) 

Program Houses

  • German Haus 
  • Chinese House
  • The Ankh (multi-cultural) 
  • Hummus: Perspectives on Israeli-Palestinian Culture 
  • Resonance Magazine (East Asian and Southeast Asian) 
  • Temple Shaolin Kung Fu 
  • Wesleyan TaeKwonDo 
  • Wesleyan Kendo 
  • Wesleyan Jiu-jitsu