Student Stories

Wesleyan has developed a community enriched by the presence of students from many countries. Here are some of their stories:

Ellen Paik '16 comes to Wesleyan from Seoul, South Korea. A member of the varsity crew team and the WSA - the Wesleyan Student Assembly - Ellen says Wesleyan lets her explore the full range of her many passions.


Far From Home

What's it like being an international student at Wesleyan? Find out in this Wesleyan magazine story.

Zhicheng Jared Wang ’15

After attending a large public high school in Hangzhou, China, Zhicheng Jared Wang was looking to study in a smaller, more personal environment for university.


Gideon Too ’14

“In Kenya, when you’re admitted to a university, you’re admitted into a specific course of study and that’s what you’re going to do for four or five years. At Wesleyan, I enjoyed the freedom to explore different academic areas,” says Gideon Too of Eldoret, Kenya.


Seo In (Claire) Choi ’13 

Art history major Seo In (Claire) Choi of Seoul, South Korea, is interested in how socio-economic and cultural circumstances have shaped artwork.


Nandita Vijayaraghanvan ’13 

Government and East Asian Studies double major Nandita Vijayaraghanvan, of Chennai, India, says some of her best experiences in Wesleyan classes have helped her to “really push the envelope.”


Chazelle Rhoden ’15 

Though Chazelle Rhoden, of Port Antonio, Jamaica, arrived at Wesleyan with diverse academic interests, she came to realize that her passion was to work in development “helping my country and my people.”


Yusaku Takeda ’14

Since arriving at Wesleyan, Yusaku Takeda, of Hokkaido, Japan, has known that he wanted to pursue a career in agriculture and food policy, but he wasn’t quite sure what academic path he would take to get there.


Huyen Le ’14

Among her fellow Freeman Asian Scholars, Huyen Le ’14 of Hanoi has found talented and accomplished students and a caring community of friends--people who are interesting enough to stay up with until 4 in the morning, talking about school, movies and life.


Phoebe Stonebraker '11

Phoebe Stonebraked traveled to CEIBA Biological Research Station and Dubulay Ranch in Guyana, South America, as part of her studies in BIOL 306: Tropical Ecology and the Environment course.


Opraha Miles '14

Opraha Miles, a Jamaica native, is a neuroscience and behavior major who sings, dances in the ISIS women of color dance troupe, and is a member of the West Indian Student Association.


Carmen Yip '12

Carmen Yip of Hong Kong majored in German studies and sociology, and completed a Certificate in International Relations. To stay in shape, she practiced yoga in the cemetary.


Oscar Takabvirwa '14

"I love numbers, and I think they like me back," says Oscar Takabvirwa '14, who came to Wesleyan from Zimbabwe and majors in mathematics and German studies.