Should I compile/assign a coursepack for my class?

Wesleyan University discourages the use of coursepacks for all classroom material unless that material is already in the public domain because:

There are better alternatives.

  • Providing links to journals or art sources that Wesleyan subscribes to on a syllabus, or posting subscription links to Web space allocated to a specific class is legal and requires no further permissions. We have already paid for the rights to use articles in over 4,500 journal titles and for the rights to use thousands of images. (Please refer to the Classroom section of this IP Web site for specifics.)   
  • Scanning small portions of books and other printed material and posting the created links to secure, class-specific Web spaces or secure course management systems are permissible as long as you provide the full copyright information. (Please refer to the Classroom section of this IP Web site for specifics.) 
  • With the increased availability of used books, new books, discounted new books and library course reserves, students have many options for acquiring legal copies of books.

Coursepacks are expensive. Each piece of a course pack needs separate permission.

Coursepacks are time consuming. Once the professor files the permission request forms, the process can take six weeks or more.

Coursepacks are only legal if permission is granted. 

  • If you must use a course pack, you may submit your hard copies and detailed source list to Ben Brown, Broad Street Books, Wesleyan University Bookstore & Cafe, 860-685-7323, fax: 860-685-7338, email: Please allow 4-6 weeks for copyright clearance. You will need to provide a source list (preferably in the style that you would like your students to use when citing), which will be bound with the pack. Your source list should also be posted on your syllabus or materials list. Students must have the option and the information that they need to purchase books or journals if they choose to.