I want to download music and video.

You can if you do it legally. There are many options.

First: Watch this video from Campus Downloading. No one wants to endure the consequences of illegal downloading.

While Wesleyan University cannot endorse these sites, as far as we can tell they are examples of legal places to download/purchase music and videos. Please send us your favorite legal links and we will be happy to add them to this list.

  • mp3.com for free and not so free downloads.
  • itunes They like to think they are the standard.
  • imeem "the world's largest social music community" You'll need to sign up, but its free.
  • Magnatune "We are not evil. Listen. Love it. Buy it." This is a great pay-what-you-think- is-fair site. Once you buy it, they encourage you to share it.
  • Vongo is currently PC only, but there is a campaign to get Apple to broaden their "fair"play DRM.
  • seeqpod playable search
  • Real Rhapsody "Access three million+ songs on Mac!"
  • Download.com "Safe, trusted, and spyware-free."
  • Insound, some are free, some you pay for.
  • Amazon more mp3s and videos added (for sale) every day
  • Internet Archive offers a Live Music Archive, an Audio Archive and a Moving Images Archive (not to forget Texts too).
  • Thrill Jockey is an independent record lablel with free downloads and others.
  • PayPlay is another alternative to itunes.
  • CD Baby "A little CD store with the best new independent music."
  • The Red Ferret Journal's "1Million Free and Legal Music Tracks" This wiki will lead you to loads of free and legal downloads.
  • Cdigix Wesleyan doesn't subscribe right now. Should we?
  • SpiralFrog "a new online music destination, offering ad-supported legal downloads of audio and video content licensed from the catalogs of the world's major and independent record labels. "
  • Nettwerk Music Group "Canada's leading privately owned record label . . . as per Nettwerk copyrights, we have never sued anybody and all our music is open source to encourage fans to share it with others and help us promote our Artists." Theirhomepage links to Nettwerk's other endeavors.
  • Movie Link for PCs only.
  • Cinema Now "Movie Downloads - Online Movies - Download DVD Movies - Movie Site."
  • International Documentary Association
  • Gaumont Pathe Archives -- A French archive of the 20th century. You'll need to register and abide by their intellectual property rules.
  • CAMPUS DOWNLOADING "Protect yourself, do it legally." Here is a list of many legal download sites compiled by the music industry. Check out the rest of their sitetoo.

You cannot:

  • download anything when you know doing so is illegal.
  • circumvent any DRM (Digital Rights Management) framework.
  • make copyrighted songs and movies available to others for downloading (without getting specific permission from the copyright holder to do so).
  • use file sharing programs such as DC++ and derivatives unless you hold the copyright to the file you are sharing, or you have cleared permissions with the copyright holder to share the file.

For assistance:

Susanne Javorski, Art Librarian, ext. 3326 (for information on Art Library films)
Joan Miller, ext. 3395 (for help renting films with public performance rights)
Alec McLane, Music Librarian/Director World Music Archives, ext. 3899 (for questions about music audio and video permissions)
Library Reference Desk reference@wesleyan.edu, ext. 3873

For more information:

Copyright Crash Course http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/IntellectualProperty/cprtindx.htm

Freeculture.org Students for Free Culture. Check out their projects page and get involved!

What's the Download?! Find out what the Recording Academy has to say.

"RIAA lists top 25 universities handing out piracy notices" from Engadget.

"RIAA Sends Schools a P2P Heads Up" Roy Mark, Business, February 28, 2007.

"Senate, industry target illegal file sharing across campus networks," Steve Tally, Purdue News Service, July 10, 2006.

Recording Industry vs The People, A blog devoted to the RIAA's lawsuits of intimidation brought against ordinary working people.

Center for Social Media See their "Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use"

Democratic Media Reform INDEPENDENT MEDIA RESOURCES from Goodwriters.net

International Documentary Association

"Taking Action Against Digital Rights; New lawsuits are using antitrust law to challenge media giants' music download policies, claiming they unfairly restrict users' purchases." Catherine Holahan, Business Week Online, January 5, 2007. (Find on LexisNexis)

"Helping you legally download." Mike Bebel, The Daily Princetonian, December 15, 2006. (Find on LexisNexis)

"8,000 File-Sharing Suits Launched By Music Industry," Reuters, October 17, 2006. (Find on LexisNexis)

CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) You can also talk to Ravior Barbara Jones about CALEA