What is WesScholar?

WesScholar is Wesleyan University’s digital repository system comprising three components:

  • WesScholar’s institutional repository archives and preserves published works in perpetuity.
  • SelectedWorks sites, WesScholar’s faculty scholar pages, enable faculty to share scholarship and biographical information.
  • WesScholar’s journal publishing platform offers tools to publish online, peer-reviewed journals.

WesScholar utilizes Berkeley Electronic Press’s Digital Commons™ platform to capture, permanently preserve and distribute the scholarly output of Wesleyan faculty, students, and staff.

Where can I find WesScholar?

WesScholar’s home page is http://wesscholar.wesleyan.edu . From there, you can access archives and Selected Works pages.

How do I start my own SelectedWorks faculty/scholar page?

To request an access code so that you can begin building your SelectedWorks page, contact your academic computing managerlibrary liaison, the Center for Faculty Career Development, or a WesScholar administrator  Leith Johnson, ljohnson@wesleyan.edu.

How do I submit my published work to WesScholar’s institutional repository, thus archiving it in perpetuity?

How do I publish an online journal using WesScholar?

If you are interested in this module, please contact Dan Schnaidt.

What can I expect to find in WesScholar today?

WesScholar holds recent Wesleyan theses and dissertations, and will continue to showcase and preserve new papers as submitted. Archived Wesleyan faculty work builds daily. The administrators will be calling for staff submissions once a substantial faculty community exists.

Wesleyan faculty members have begun building SelectedWorks pages. Join the community!

What else should I know about WesScholar?

For more help:

Go to Wesleyan's Authors' Rights page

Contact a WesScholar administrator: Dan Schnaidt, dschnaidt@wesleyan.edu.