Classroom Renovations 2014

Multimedia Classrooms

During the summer 2014 ITS-IMS will renovate 17 multimedia classrooms. The renovation will happen in 7 steps. Each step is described below with some degree of details, if you are part of the construction and have a question please ask Heric at, you could leave a comment at the bottom of the current page or any other classroom pages linked to in the left sidebar.

1. Room Assessment (March 2014):

a) Room dimensions.
b) Projection wall dimensions.
c) Current power for the screen, projector and rack, closet, podium, or closet.
d) Current conduit for projector, speakers, rack, and in some cases cable cubby.
e) Type of ceiling, and consultation with physical plant for potential asbestos.
f) Current distance from the projector to the cart, podium, closet, rack, or cabinet.
g) Current projector throw distance. And current condition of the projector mount, pipe and base.
h) Current amount of working data jacks.
i) Current location of the telephone. And instructions how to save the telephone, included cables, mount and other parts.
j) Evaluation of the current speakers.k) Current electric screen switch location.
l) Current light switches.
m) Wall and floor conditions after removing the old rack, electric or manual screen and in some cases speakers.
n) Potential ceiling problems with the new electric screen installation.
o) Storage instructions for the IMS team for hardware or AV equipment. Label Should be Storage/Repurpose/Disposal.
p) Instructions for IMS team to leave in one piece some of the data and/or speaker cables. And what to do with the rest of the cables.
q) Instructions for the IMS team to tier down the old installation. List of tools that will be required to tier down the old installation.

2. New Design Logistics (March 2014)

a) New Projector proposal.
b) New Projection Screen dimensions.
c) New projector through distance proposal.
d) Potential location for the new cart, podium, cabinet, or rack.
e) AV housing proposal for the new installation.
f) Conduit for new installation in case is necessary.
g) Amount of data necessary for the new installation including the line for the projector.
h) HDMI length from the projector to the AV housing (cart, cabinet, rack, or podium).
i) Umbilical cord length.
j) Speakers new position.
k) Speaker cable length.
l) New power needs for projector, projection electric screen, and AV housing (cart, cabinet, rack, or podium).
m)Ideal location for the telephone.
n) Ideal electric screen switch location.
o)Identify any potential problem between the screen size and the usable chalk board during presentations.
p)Type of renovation necessary after removing projection screen, and rack, cabinet, and/or podium.
q) Wood Cover for new installation.

3. New ideas and needs after meeting faculty and physical plant staff (April 2014).

a) Identify the potential faculty or staff involve with the room.
b) Invite them for a meeting to discuss our proposal.
c) Provide any potential modification to the original proposal.

4. New AV Design (April 2014).

Every room will have a customize installation, but the core of the installation is a self contained cart with the next media:

a) One or two computers, PC and/or Mac.
b) A Blu-Ray Player
c) Two different connection for a laptop, HDMI (the same cable carries audio, the user has to select it on the computer) or VGA with audio.
d) VCR is not included on the new design.

5. AV Purchase Schedule (April 2014).

-Phase 1: HDMI, audio and CAT6 cable will be order in addition to the projection screens, and carts (middle April).
-Phase 2: Every single piece of hardware for the cart will be order (late April)
-Phase 3: Every Projector will be order (Early June).

6. Construction Proposal Schedule and Room Reservation (April 2014).

-Early April a list of all the rooms that will be part of the renovation will be sent to Events and Scheduling.
-Early April the first team will go to every classroom that will be renovated and label every single piece of equipment, or hardware with destination and repurpose/storage/disposal indications.
-During the senior week (May 19-23) every classroom available will be tear down and cleaned up, the HDMI and CAT6 will be run, and the projection screen will be mount.

7. Actual construction schedule (April 2014).