The link you clicked was identified as connecting to a malicious website.  In all likelihood you were to be asked for credentials or other information that would have allowed access to Wesleyan materials by non-Wesleyan personnel. Or the site would have downloaded a payload to your system to allow it to be compromised. If you have any questions please, contact 

 This is a Phishing Fish

To learn how to identify and recognize Phishing email please, go to-- 

1) WesPortal --> Security --> "Spotting Phishing Video  

2) WesPortal --> Security --> "Securing Wesleyan/SANS video training" and select "Email, Phishing, & Messaging"  

3) WesPortal --> In the search field type in "phishing" and click the magnifying glass icon to the right.  Then select "Spam & phishing knowledge base" --> "Checking for legitimate links".