Desktop Support

ITS provides high-touch, hands on desktop support to all faculty, staff and students on campus.  Highly qualified staff and student staff serve the community through various channels.  The Desktop Support staff work within the environment they support allowing them to be closely aligned with their needs and resources. 

Desktop Support Staff (DSS)

Academic departments are currently assigned an individual Desktop Support Specialist.  Administrative departments are supported by the Administrative Helpdesk. DSS are highly qualified computer professionals whose mission, together with the rest of the ITS staff, is to deliver timely, reliable, and expert service to Wesleyan computer users. [Learn more]

Student Helpdesk

The ITS Student HelpDesk is the student managed division of ITS. HelpDesk consultants answer student questions regarding computing at Wesleyan. [Learn more]

Cardinal Technology Service Center

We repair and maintain computer hardware for the Wesleyan community as well as the general public. [Learn more]

Desktop Backup/Restore

Wesleyan provides desktop backup for Wesleyan-owned computers in addition to network storage resources that are also backed up regularly.  [Learn more]

Hardware & Software

ITS often facilitates the acquisition of hardware and software for the commmunity.  Software availability varies considerably based on vendor and the type of license they offer.   [Learn more]

Desktop Power Management

As part of the University's overall sustainability plan, ITS has deployed a power management application that allows for central energy management of computers. [Learn more]

Virus Protection

Wesleyan offers anti-virus to its community members for home use in addition to anti-virus provided on institutional computers.  Currently, Wesleyan has a contract with ESET for their anti-virus solution called NOD32. [Learn More]

System Maintenance

System maintenance is critical to keeping systems running smoothly and preventing unplanned disruptions. [Learn More]