Media Database

The Media Database consists of a public interface for search, and a back end Workspace for uploading media and creating collections, accessible through employee portfolio.

Users need a Media Database account and media directories. First-time users should contact their academic computing manager.

Common uses include personal collections, study collections for courses, and backend databases for custom websites that feature searchable media collections. It is a rich resource for art and architecural images.

Creation process
The Workspace process consists of three 3-steps:
     1. Create a collection and upload files
     2. Describe or catalog
     3. Sort and organize

While the Media Database incorporates presentation, it is best for reviewing small numbers of files. Most users rely on other presentation software.

Presentation with PowerPoint or ARTstor Offline Viewer
Collections may be exported for import into PowerPoint and the ARTstor OIV

More detailed information is available in the Help screens in the Workspace interface.