Video programs produced by ITS or University Communications are stored and deployed through the university videocloud management system called Brightcove.  This platform allows university staff to upload a video file once, and Brightcove creates multiple renditions of the program to deliver high quality video regardless of the viewer's data connection speed or device. ITS Video Services will upload all public-facing videos such as lectures, speeches, promotional videos, interviews and podcasts through the Brightcove platform provided signed release forms have been received for anyone appearing in the video.  

Video programs produced by Web and Video Services Staff will also appear automatically on the website, making it easy for you, and your audience, to find and share your videos using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook, in addition to your website.  

Faculty, Staff and Students, also have the ability to upload their own (copyrighted) produced videos using the Wesleyan Video Uploader application found under Tools and Links in your ePortfolio. Complete the form in its entirety and attach your video file (must be under 1.5GB), and once the video is submitted Brightcove will provide you with a unique 13-digit ID number you can use to embed your video in your Cascade or Wordpress site. 

For more information on how to embed your video onto a page in your Cascade website, please visit: Cascade documentation for more information. For a Wesleyan WordPress blog visit: .