Cascade (WebCMS)

Cascade is our Web Content Management System or WebCMS. Starting in 2009 we began moving all departmental websites into Cascade.  Over the next several months all of the sites still located on the university’s main web server will be moved into Cascade. As sites are moved to Cascade site owners are given login access to Cascade and are trained in using cascade to maintain their website.

Website Owners List

Click here to find out who are the owners of different websites in Cascade. 


Basic Cascade training is held most Thursday afternoons.  We also use this training time to answer any specific questions you may have about your website.  To be added to the training schedule please send a request through our service support system.  You can find the system on the upper tight of this page -- marked Get Help -- or you can go to

Some one from NML will contact you to schedule the training.

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Requesting Help

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