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Building Deployment for Airwes wireless

updated 8/20/14

Phase 1 of the new wireless deployment is just about complete as existing hardware has been replaced throughout campus.  ITS staff are working on replacing as many outdoor access points with new hardware before the semester begins.

The second phase adds hundreds of access points throughout the campus. That phase is scheduled to complete by November 2014.

Connecting to the new wireless

Note: dorms and residences have been fully completed and are not listed here. 


Phase 1 status  

Phase 2 status  

Exley Complete Complete
Science Library Complete Complete
Olin Complete Complete
Usdan Complete Complete
Allbritton Complete Complete
Astronomy Complete In Progress
Wasch Center Complete Complete
Upward Bound Complete
Hall Atwater/Shanklin Complete In Progress
NSM Complete
PAC Complete
Judd Hall Complete
159 High St. Complete
163 High St. Complete
167 High St. Complete
WSA Complete
Public Safety Complete
Religion Complete
255 Pine Street Complete Complete
Schoenberg Dance Studio Complete
160 Cross Street Complete Complete
Freeman Athletic Center Complete
Cady Complete
College of the Environment Complete
92 Theater Complete
South College Complete
North College Complete
Center for the Americas Complete
Fisk Hall Complete
300 High Street Complete
318 High Street Complete
330 High Street Complete
Human Resources Complete
Downey House Complete
Russell House Complete
Music Studios Complete
Anthropology Complete
41 Wyllys Complete Complete
Admission Complete
74 Wyllys Complete
110 Mount Vernon Complete
164 Mount Vernon Complete
Fair Weather Complete
287 High Street Complete
Crowell Concert Hall Complete
Rehearsal Hall Complete
Art Studio North/South Scheduled
Zilkha Gallery Complete
Art Workshop Complete
Hall Theater - 287 Complete
Davidson Art Center Complete
Health Center Complete
285 Court Street Complete
World Music Hall Complete
East Asian Studies Complete
Cinema Archives Complete
Center for the Humanities Complete