How to Connect to the wesstudent or wesfacstaff Wireless Networks

(iOS — iPad, iPhone, iPod)

The following instructions work for both wesfacstaff and wesstudent. Connect to the appropriate network.  Your credentials will dictate your access.  Student accounts cannot use wesfacstaff nor faculty/staff accounts use wesstudent.  The below screen shots show wesstudent but are the same for wesfacstaff.

Go to your Settings. Look for Wi-Fi at the right and selectwesstudent (or wesfacstaff). It should be in your list if you are in range.

A pop up window will appear asking for your credentials. Enter yourWesleyan username and password.

A second popup will appear notifying you of the Wireless Certificateand authentication. Cilck Accept at the right and then let the iPad do its thing.

Wait for the Wi-Fi icon to appear next to iPad at the top left.

Open Safari from your Home Screen and you should automatically be connected to the network. You should be good to go for Internet access!

**For future logins, Airport should automatically connect because of the user profile we have just created. Ensure that you are connected, and then open your web browser of choice. Remember, you are still under Wesleyan University’s Internet policies and regulations.