Connecting to the airwes on your iOS Device

Connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to airwes using your Wesleyan username and password. First, locate the "Settings" app on your device and find the "Wi-Fi" section. If Wi-Fi is turned on and you are near a Wesleyan campus building, you should see "airwes" as one of the networks listed.

List of wireless networks.

If your device already tries to connect you to airwes, touch the "i" button on the right and choose "Forget this network" on the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, simply touch the airwes bar to connect, and a new screen will pop up that asks you for a username and password. Enter your Wesleyan login information (the username and password that you use for your E-Portfolio) to sign on.

Username and password.

After entering this information, your device should bring up a new page with a certificate that says for you to examine. Touch "accept" on this certificate and your device will trust our network so that we can begin a connection.

Trust the certificate.

After a few moments, your phone should be connected to airwes and using the internet.

Connected to airwes.

**For future logins, you should automatically connect because of the user profile we have just created. Ensure that you are connected, and then open your web browser of choice. Remember, you are still under Wesleyan University’s Internet policies and regulations.