How to Connect to the wesstudent or wesfacstaff Wireless Networks

(Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6)

The following instructions work for both wesfacstaff andwesstudent. Connect to the appropriate network. Your credentials will dictate your access. Student accounts cannot use wesfacstaff nor faculty/staff accounts use wesstudent.  The below screen shots show wesstudent but are the same for wesfacstaff.

Unplug any other network cables from your computer. Turn Airport Off.  Do this by clicking on the WiFi Icon at the top right and selectTurn Airport Off.

Old Mac Wireless Doc

Open Network preferences by clicking on the WiFi icon at the top right and selecting it from the dropdown menu. This window will appear:

**Make sure the Lock at the bottom left is unlocked so you are able to make changes to your network settings. Click on it if it is Lockedand Enter your Mac Username and Password if it prompts you**

Now Turn Airport On (or Wi-Fi if using Lion) using the button at the top right, but do not select a wireless network.

Click on Advanced… at the bottom right.

Click the heading “802.1X”, shown by the red arrow.

Everything should be blank at this point. If you have any profiles setup on the left hand side, uncheck them for now. Click the (+) at the bottom left.

Click Add User Profile…

Under User Profiles, a text edit “Untitled” box will appear for you to name the network profile. Name it “wesstudent” or “wesfacstaff” depending on which network you are trying to connect to.

For User Name and Password, enter your Wesleyan username (not your full email address) and password.

Under “Authentication:” check TTLSPEAP, and EAP-FAST.

For Wireless Network: choose wesstudent or wesfacstaff for which network you are attempting to connect to.

Click Ok at the bottom right.

You should now be taken back to the main Network Settings page.

Click on Advanced… at the bottom right.

Click the heading “AirPort”, then select the plus (+) to add a new network name.


Click the drop down menu next to Security and select WPA2 Enterprise

Click Add.

Click the drop down menu next to 802.1X and select your user profile (wesstudent/wesfacstaff).  This should cause the username and password fields to be filled in.  If not fill them in with your Wesleyan username and password.

Type in the network (wesstudent or wesfacstaff) in the Network Name field.

Click Add in the bottom right of the screen.

You should now be taken back to the main Network Settings page.

After a few seconds, you should be connected. Underneath should be listed the duration you’ve been connected to the network. Click on Apply at the bottom right and now you may exit out of Network Settings.

Open Safari or whichever web browser you prefer. You will not have to enter your information in again like you’ve had to do before.


You are now connected!

**For future logins, Airport should automatically connect because of the user profile we have just created. Ensure that you are connected, and then open your web browser of choice.  Remember, you are still under Wesleyan University’s Internet policies and regulations.