Wesleyan participates in Eduroam, a secure, world-wide wireless access service developed for the international research and education community.  If you are visiting campus from a participating institution, you can connect to Eduroam with your home institution's login credentials.  Eduroam is secure and easy to use.  Join the eduroam network that appears in your wireless networks.

Wesleyan Community Members

All faculty, staff and students may use either Eduroam or Airwes.  Access to resources for Wesleyan community members are the same on both networks.  If you are traveling or studying abroad, you may access wireless at any institution that participates in Eduroam.  Once you connect to Eduroam, that connection will persist regardless of where you are as long as the other institution is participating.  Eduroam is very popular among Higher Ed institutions in Europe.

A note on access:

When connecting to Eduroam the first time even when on Wesleyan's campus, you must login using your full email address:

Information on Eduroam
Participating US Institutions