Wesleyan Wireless Network FAQ

Access instructions for alumni are available at the "Alumni Help Desk":

  • Why am I now required to login to use the Wesleyan wireless network?
    • In order to provide a secure and functional wireless network at Wesleyan, we must have a way to restrict use of the network to faculty, staff and students. Logins prevent unauthorized use, and also allows us to restrict virus-infected computers from causing network congestion and widespread infection.
  • Who has accounts to use the Wesleyan wireless network?
    • All students, faculty, and staff should already have domain accounts which can be used to log in to the Wesleyan wireless network.
  • Can guests use the wireless network?
    • Yes. Guests should enter their temporary account and password in the Clean Access login page to connect to the Wesleyan wireless network. Guests have only HTTP and HTTPS access to the Internet and Wesleyan servers that are accessible by the general public. Guests are also under a bandwidth limitation, which will prevent unauthorized users from using a disproportionate share of our bandwidth. Because of this limit, students and staff will NOT want to use the WesGuest network. WesGuest only has WEP security.
  • How do I configure my computer to connect to the Wesleyan wireless network?
  • How do I log in?
    • After you set up your connection on your computer, your username and password will automatically pass-through to the Cisco Clean Access system. To trigger that, you simply open a browser. You will see the Clean Access page quickly pass by.
  • Do I need to login just to use e-mail?
    • Yes. All wireless network services require logging in.
  • How do I get help if I am having difficultly logging in?
    • Students should call the Help Desk at x4000. Faculty and staff should contact their Desktop Support Specialist.
  • Is my connection to the Wesleyan wireless connection secure?
    • Wesleyan uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption for its users. Guest users have minimal WEP encryption.
  • What standards does the Wesleyan wireless network support?
    • The Wesleyan wireless network supports 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11a and 802.11b.
  • Where on campus is wireless connectivity available?
    • Wireless on Wesleyan's campus is fairly complete. All buildings and identified mass outside gathering outside areas have been fully covered. If you wish to report an area that has a low signal please contact the student Helpdesk at x4000.
  • Will Smartphones and other devices work on the Wesleyan wireless network?
    • These devices will work on the network. IPads and other tablets will function like laptops. For Smartphones, contact Helpdesk or your Desktop Support Specialist.