Wesleyan Wireless Network FAQ

Access instructions for alumni are available at the "Alumni Help Desk":

  • Who has accounts to use the Wesleyan wireless network?
    • All current students, faculty, and staff have accounts which can be used to log in to the Airwes network.
  • Can guests use the wireless network?
    • Yes. Guests can self-register for access to the Wes-Guest network if they have a cell-phone or access to a personal email address.  Guests may also request accounts at the Usdan Information desk and the Olin Library.
  • Do I need to login just to use e-mail?
    • Yes. All wireless network services require logging in.
  • How do I get help if I am having difficultly logging in?
    • You can open a support request via  Alternatively, students may call the Help Desk at x4000. Faculty and staff should contact their Desktop Support Specialist.
  • Is my connection to the Wesleyan wireless connection secure?
    • Wesleyan uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption on the Airwes network. There is no encryption offered on Wes-Guest.
  • What standards does the Wesleyan wireless network support?
    • The Wesleyan wireless network supports 802.11b/g/n and 802.11ac
  • Where on campus is wireless connectivity available?
    • Wireless on Wesleyan's campus is fairly complete. All buildings and identified mass outside gathering outside areas have been fully covered. If you wish to report an area that has a low signal please submit a request via