Wireless and Mobile Access

Wesleyan provides wireless networking throughout many parts of the campus, including most academic and administrative buildings as well as dormitories. You will also find wireless signals in outside gathering areas such as the patio in front of the Usdan Campus Center. Please keep in mind that the strength of a signal can vary locally, depending on physical obstructions such as walls and doors or transient interference from other devices that emit radio waves.

The Wesleyan wireless network is generally compatible with any machine that is equipped with an 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11a adapter. Wesleyan uses Cisco wireless access points.

Logging in to the Wesleyan Wireless Network

Users are required to login when using the Wesleyan wireless network.  Requiring wireless network logins provides ITS a way to restrict use of the network to faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests, keeping our network secure and functional. In addition to limiting unauthorized use, logins allow us to restrict virus-infected computers from causing network congestion and widespread infection. You must log in to the wireless network before using any wireless network services, including e-mail, Web browsing, and Wesfiles access.

You should login to the wireless network with your E-Mail username. Once you have logged in, you will be able to browse to any web page, and use other networking services such as e-mail and ePortfolio.

Guest Access to wireless instructions

Guests have limited access to the wireless network. Guests can only login with a temporary account created by a Wesleyan staff, faculty or student member. The WesGuest network uses lower level WEP encryption and is restricted to guest accounts.

Faculty, Staff and Student Access

Wesleyan uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption for both the Faculty/Staff (wesfacstaff) and Student (wesstudent) networks. 

The following instructions work for both wesfacstaff and wesstudent. Connect to the appropriate network. Your credentials will dictate your access.  Student accounts cannot use wesfacstaff nor faculty/staff accounts use wesstudent. The below screen shots show wesstudent but are the same for wesfacstaff.

Mac 10.7/10.8 connection instructions. (For PDF version, clickClick for PDF of Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 Wireless Instructions.)

Mac 10.5/10.6 connection instructions. (For PDF version, clickClick for PDF of Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 Wireless Instructions.)

iPad/iPhone connection instructions. (For PDF version, clickClick for PDF of iPhone and iPad Wireless Instructions.)

Win7/Vista connection instructions. (For PDF version, clickClick for PDF of Windows 7 and Vista Wireless Instructions.)

Windows 8 connection instructions.


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