Wireless and Mobile Access

Wesleyan provides wireless networking throughout the campus, including dormitories, academic and administrative buildings. You will also find wireless signals in outside gathering areas such as the patio in front of the Usdan Campus Center.  Wesleyan also participates in Eduroam. Wesleyan faculty, staff and students may login to the Eduroam network using their full address.

The Wesleyan wireless network is compatible with any machine that is equipped with an 802.11b/g/n and 802.11 ac. Wesleyan uses Aruba for wireless access.

Logging in to the Wesleyan Wireless Network

Users are required to login when using the Wesleyan wireless network.  Requiring wireless network logins provides ITS a way to restrict use of the network to faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests, keeping our network secure and functional.  You must log in to the wireless network before using any wireless network services, including e-mail, Web browsing, and Wesfiles access.

You should login to the wireless network with your E-Mail username. Once you have logged in, you will be able to browse to any web page, and use other networking services such as e-mail, Moodle and ePortfolio.

Guest Access to wireless

Guests may register for a guest account by connecting to the Wes-Guest network.  Upon connecting and opening a web browser, guests may obtain access by registering for an account.  A username and password will be emailed or sent via text to the guest user.  

Faculty, Staff and Student Access

Wesleyan uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption for its Airwes network.  Airwes is available for all current students, faculty and staff.  When connecting to Airwes, users will be required to enter their username and password.  This information can then be stored on the device for seamless access.  

Accessing Airwes using a Mac

Accessing Airwes on Windows 7/8

Accessing Airwes on an iOS device

Because Android devices vary by model and carrier, it is difficult to create specific instructions. Contact your Desktop Support Specialist or Student Helpdesk via if you need assistance. 


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