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SuDocs (Government Documents) Call Number Locations

Most U.S. government publications are classified in the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification. The call number is not based on subject, but on the Federal agency that issued the publication and the type of publication. The most important thing to note is that the dot in the call number is NOT A DECIMAL, but a whole number. For example: call numbers beginning with HE 20.2: come before HE 20.11. HE 20.11, in turn, precedes HE 20.101: which precedes HE 20.1001: Alphanumeric combinations, however, are decimals, though they have no decimal point, e.g., A76 precedes A8.

For help locating government documents, see a Reference Librarian.

Finding SuDocs Locations

All government documents (except for microforms) shelved in the areas mapped below can be checked out.

A - Y  (except for Congressional Hearings and Reports)

Olin Ground Floor

Y 4 (Congressional Hearings)

Olin Ground Floor A

K83HE (Congressional Hearings)
[To find appropriate volume numbers, consult the Index in Reference area, East Corridor on Floor 1]

Olin Ground Floor A

Y 1 (Congressional Reports)

Olin Ground Floor

Microforms, A-Y

Microforms room on Olin Ground Floor

Note that the 'dot' in a SuDoc number is a period, not a decimal. Thus, for example, "C 61.34:" is shelved after "C 61.7:

Explanation of SuDocs Numbers

Publications are grouped together by issuing agency.

For example, the U.S. Industrial Outlook has the SuDoc number:





Commerce Department
(issuing agency)

International Trade Administration
(subordinate bureau within the agency)

Number designating the title

Year of publication (1994)

Issuing Agencies


Agriculture Department


Commerce Department
C 3.  Census Bureau


Defense Department


Energy Department



Education Department



General Accounting Office



General Services Administration



Health and Human Services


Interior Department



Justice Department





Labor Department



Library of Congress



National Aeronautics and Space Administration


State Department



Smithsonian Institution


Treasury Department
T 22.  Internal Revenue Service

X, Y


Y 1. Congressional Reports
Y 4. Congressional Hearings