Non-Degree Study

Graduate Liberal Studies offers two forms of admission: open enrollment to non-degree status and application for admission to the MALS or MPhil degree program. For information about applying for admission to the degree program, click Degree Admission.

Through open enrollment to non-degree status, any student who has completed a bachelor's degree may register for GLS courses. Students enrolled in non-degree study may not apply for scholarship aid through the GLS office, but there are many advantages to this form of study.

It's easy to bring credits into the program.

Students may apply up to 4 GLS courses (12 credits) taken during non-degree study towards their MALS or MPhil when they are accepted into a degree program. Students who also wish to transfer other credits should consult with our office before beginning their studies, as this may affect their transfer credit.

Academic Recommendations for Degree Applications are waived.

Graduate Liberal Studies at Wesleyan requires two letters of academic recommendation as part of the degree application process. For each course successfully completed as through non-degree study, the committee will waive a required letter of academic recommmendation.

The degree candidacy application deadline has passed.

Not to worry - non-degree students may register to take classes right up until the first day of class. If you had hoped to begin your studies sooner rather than later, you can enroll in courses as a non-degree student and apply the credits you earn to degree study later.

Knowledge is power.

Studying as a non-degree student will help you determine whether or not earning your MALS or MPhil at Wesleyan is the right academic plan for you.

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