Alumni Survey and Database Project

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About the Project

The GLS Alumni survey will collect education and business information from participating alumni. Once collected, the information will be compiled into a database and alumni who choose to may make their information accessible for networking puposes. All networking and outreach requests will be handled by the Career Resource Center and the Graduate Liberal Studies office (this means we will contact you if someone is interested in networking with you; the database will never be publicly available). Your information is not automatically included when you fill out the survey. There is an option on the survey for you to check off whether or not you would like the information you provide to be shared with alumni and colleagues. We hope you'll participate!

Survey Results Will Be Used for...

  1. Statistical Purposes For instance: How many alumni live in Connecticut? How many in New England? What percentage of graduates work as artists? What percentage as teachers? And so on.
  2. Outreach Prospective students are forever asking us, "But what do your alumni do?" From the nearly 70 responses we've received, we know that you earn PhDs; you teach every level of student from pre-K through college; you become Heads of School; you are engineers; you own your own business; you are artists, musicians, social workers and more. Since these results represent only 2% of alumni, we can't wait to hear more!
  3. Networking Many alumni let us know about valuable career opportunities, and often also offer to act as resources for other alumni and current students who are interested in what they do for work. If you tell us you're interested in being a resource, we'll have you in mind when students and alumni approach us with questions about specific professions or employers.
  4. Connecting Graduate Liberal Studies publishes a digital newsletter each month, with opportunities to join us on campus for events, learn about what alumni and students are doing, as well as information about job openings, scholarships, and more. Getting connected to Graduate Liberal Studies means being able to take advantage of the best of Wes.

Click here to fill out the survey, or feel free to contact us for more information. Sarah-Jane is the team leader for this project. You can reach her at 860-685-3345 or email her.

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