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WESEMINAR MedievaManifestations:
Language, Emotion, and Literature in the Middle Ages
Presented by Karen Olivier, MPhil '14
Sunday, September 28th, 10am
Join us during Wesleyan's Family weekend for a special WESeminar.

The romances and chansons de geste of twelfth-century France are an emotionally rich genre of literature. Medieval authors,inspired by Classical authors such as Ovid, incorporated the physical manifestations of emotion into their works. This helped their audiences navigate the complex world of feelings as tales of courtly love, and gained popularity not only as a form of literature, but aslo as a guide to aristocratic behavior. In this way, authors attempted to show their listeners and readers how they might feel given a specific situation, how the might recognize the emotional state of others, and finally, how they might then respond themselves.
Presenter: Karen Olivier, MPhil '14
Room 112, 41 Wyllys Ave
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