Degree Admission

Students who wish to pursue the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) or the Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts (MPhil) may apply for admission to the degree program prior to taking GLS courses or after taking a few courses as a non-degree student.

Applications are accepted three times each year: in April, July, and November. Exact dates vary from year to year; see the academic calendar for more information.

All application materials for international students must be received by the GLS office no later than 8 weeks before the first day of class.

How to Apply to the Degree Program:

Download the Application for Admission packet and submit the following materials prior to the admissions deadline:

1. Application Form

2. Admission Essay

3. Transcripts  Official transcripts must be sent directly to the GLS office by the degree-granting institution for students applying for MALS candidacy. Students applying for the MPhil who have completed their graduate work at another institution must request their undergradaute and graduate degree-granting institutions to send transcripts directly to the GLS office.

4. Immunization Cover Sheet  Submit the form with documentation demonstrating compliance with the State of Connecticut's requirements for  immunizations. 

5. Academic Recommendations Two letters of academic recommendation must be sent directly from the person providing the recommendation to the GLS office. (MALS candidates only: One letter may be waived for each GLS course the applicant has taken.)

6. TOEFL Exam Score Only required if applicant's native language is not English.

7. Scholarship Application if applying for aid. 

Recommendation Guidelines for MPhil Applicants:

All applicants for the Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts degree must submit 2 Letters of Academic Recommendation as part of their application, even if they have taken GLS classes or have earned a previous degree at Wesleyan. Letters of Academic Recommendation should be written by current or former professors with whom the candidate has taken a class (at Wesleyan or elsewhere).

Students who are applying for MPhil degree candidacy may still take up to four GLS classes before applying, and carry those credits into the degree program if accepted. However, the letter grades earned in these courses will not waive the required 2 Letters of Academic Recommendation. 

Because of the substantially more rigorous written portion of this degree, it is essential that the admission committee be able to consider the qualifications of the candidate from the perspective of a professor who has been able to assess the candidate's abilities as a learner, researcher, and writer. 

Applicants for the Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts degree are encouraged to contact Sarah-Jane Ripa, Associate Director for Student Services and Outreach, at (860) 685-3345 or with inquiries regarding the MPhil application requirements.

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