Non-Degree Admission

Graduate Liberal Studies offers two forms of admission: open enrollment to non-degree status and application for admission to the MALS or MPhil degree program. For information about applying for admission to the degree program, click Degree Admission

Through open enrollment to non-degree status, any student who has already completed a bachelor's degree is welcome to register for GLS courses.

How to Register for Your First Course (Open Enrollment):

Submit the following materials to the GLS office:

1. Application for Admission
2. Registration Form
3. Students must also provide the following:
  • Undergraduate transcripts.  Official transcripts must be sent directly to the GLS office by the degree-granting institution; and 
  • Immunization Form and documentation demonstrating compliance with the State of Connecticut's requirements for immunizations.

    Please note: If necessary, students may enroll and begin their first course prior to the delivery of immunization documentation and transcripts. These documents must be received before the end of the first term of study; the grace period will not extend to a second term.
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