ARTS 624
A Photograph: Between Fiction and Fact

Sasha Rudensky

Course Syllabus
Class 1

INTRO: Questionnaire, Syllabus, Expectations, Structure
LECTURE: An overview: "Photography: Documented and Staged"
CRITIQUE: Pre-existing Work

ASSIGN: Read Handouts; Shoot 100 images.
Bring camera, card with images, card reader and manual to the next class

Class 2

LECTURE: Cindy Sherman and the "Untitled" Series
: Photoshop Intro: Importing files, Adobe Bridge, Resizing, Sharpening. Processing RAW files - Adobe Camera Raw. Making Contact Sheets                                   
WORK PERIOD                                   

ASSIGN: Shoot 100 images. Contact Sheets - 40 Selects (Marked)
Read Handouts

Class 3

TECH: Color Temperature (White Balance); Histograms
Introduction to Layers - Curves, Color Balance, Contrast, Saturation. Conversion to BW.
WORK PERIOD                                    

ASSIGN: Shoot 100 images. Contacts - 40 Selects (Marked)                                   
2 Work Prints

Class 4

LECTURE: Visualization in Color vs. Black and White
TECH: Retouching, Cropping, Selections, Masks                                   
Dodging and Burning                                   

ASSIGN: Shoot 100 images. Contacts - 40 Selects (Marked)                                   
3 Final Images

Class 5

CRITIQUE: 3 images                                    
LECTURE: Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Street meets Studio                                  

ASSGN: Shoot 100 images. Contacts - 40 Selects (Marked)
3 Final Prints

Class 6

LECTURE: Gregory Crewdson: Hover                                   
CRITIQUE: 3 Final Prints                                   

ASSIGN: Shoot 100 images, Contacts - 40 Selects (Marked)
No Prints

Class 7

LECTURE: The Photographic Series
WORK PERIOD: Individual Meetings                                   

ASSIGN: 100 images. Contacts - 40 Selects                                   
2 Final Prints

Class 8

LECTURE: An-my Le - Recreated History

ASSIGN: 100 images on Series Assignment. Contacts - 40 Selects                                    
2 Final Prints

Class 9

LECTURE - Guest Lecturer 

ASSGN: 100 images. Contacts - 40 Selects.
2 Final Prints

Class 10


ASSIGN: Work on Final Portfolio

Class 11

WORK PERIOD: Individual Meetings                                   
Sasha's Work                                   

ASSGN: Finish Portfolio -10 Final Matted Prints