ARTS 613
Studies in Photographic Portraiture/Self-Portraiture

Marion Belanger

Richard Brilliant: Portraiture
Susan Bright: Art Photography Now
A reading packet and a reserve book list which will include books by photographers such as: Julia Margaret Cameron, Lee Friedlander, Nan Golding, John Coplans, Dian Arbus, Judith Joy Ross, Edward Weston, Sally Mann, Emmet Gowin and Francesca Woodman among others.
Weekly Assignments
Students will be expected to present five images bi-weekly for critique. Weekly readings will inform our visual investigations and provide a context for dialogue.
Papers: Two response papers of 2-4 pages each.
Offsite class at gallery or museum: TBA
Report on Contemporary Landscape Photographer: There will be one class presentation required.
Final Project: An in-depth photographic investigation of self or other. Final presentation should be presented formally, either in book, web site or portfolio format.
Course Schedule
January 24 Introduction
Course policies, expectations, materials

Visuals: Self-Portraits by Lee Friedlander, John Coplans, Francesca Woodman, Nan Goldin, Samuel Fosso
Technical: How to make a self-portrait: self-timers, shutter release, assistance, shadows and mirrors.

Introduction, Chapter 1&2, Richard Brilliant, Portraiture (Goldin) (Coplans)


January 31 The Self-portrait

Visuals: Lucas Samaras
Class wide critique of self-portrait images from the past week with an eye towards the technical.

David Levi Strauss, "After You, Dearest Photography: Reflections on the work of Francesca Woodman," Francesca Woodman, Scale 1998.
Holland Carter, "When the I Is the Subject, and It's Always Changing," The New York Times, Sept, 12, 2003.
Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Aperture, 1982


February 7 The Intimate Portrait

Visuals: Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Harry Callahan, Emmet Gowin, Sally Mann; Steiglez video.

Arthur Ollmann, "Introduction," The Model Wife, The Museum of Photographic Arts, 2000.
Sandra Matthews and Laura Wexler, "Family Photographs and the Pregnant Pose," Pregnant Pictures, 2000 Routledge.
Jessica Todd Smith, "Time of Exposure; Nancy Newhall's Unpublished Book of Edward Weston's Nudes," Edward Weston: A Legacy, 2000, The Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

Assignment: Intimate portrait - family or friends

February 14 CRITIQUES 4, 5, 6

Seminar class on selected readings TBA

February 21 CRITIQUES 1, 2, 3

The Other

Diane Arbus video, E.J. Bellocq, Edward Curtis, Katy Grannan

Janet Malcolm, "The Real Thing," The New York Review of Books, January 9, 1997.
Joseph L. Ruby, Letter, in response to Malcolm
Arthur Lubow, "Arbus Reconsidered," The New York Times, Sept. 14, 2003.
Jerry Saltz, "Only the Lonely,"



Due: 6 images for critique (Group B)
Due: choice of photographer for class presentation.

Assignment:  Continue to make portraits


Reading: (Due after break)
Chapter 3, 4 Brilliant, Portraiture

Assignment: One page project proposal describing the photographic project you want to undertake.
Photograph those who are unlike you.

March 28 Constructions of Identity

Due: paper and project proposals

Visuals: Nikkie S. Lee, Cindy Sheman, Phillipe Kwane Apagya, Julia Margaret Cameron, Samuel Fosso

Arthur C. Danton: "Past Masters and Post Moderns: Cindy Sherman's History Portraits," Rizooli, NY, 1991.
Arthur C. Danton: "Photography and Performance: Cindy Sherman's Stills," Untitled Film Stills, Jonathon Lade, London, 1990 (Lee) (Apagya, Luster, Fosso) (Cameron)

April 4 CRITIQUES 1, 2

Visuals: Judith Joy Ross, August Sander, Disfarmer, Deborah Luster

Susan Kismaric, Judith Joy Ross, Museum of Modern Art.
Alfredo Lopez Austin, "Recurrent Letters," Images of the Spirit, Aperture, 1996.


April 11 CRITIQUES 4, 5

Slides: Lee Friedlander, Portraits

R.B. Kitaj, "Still in Paradise of Still Photography," Lee Friedlander Portraits, Little Brown & Company, 1985.
"Maria: Photographs by Lee Friedlander," Photographers at Work, A Smithsonian Series.

Presentations (Groups 1&2)

April 18 CRITIQUES 3, 6

Slides: Thomas Ruff, Reinke Dikstra

Boris v. Brauchitsch, Thomas Ruff, Museum of Moderne Kunst, 1992.
"Thomas Ruff," Interview with Philip Pocock,

Presentations (Groups 4&5)

April 25 Slides: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lorna Simpson

Ann Wilson Lloyd, "The Hall of Mirrors Meets the House of Wax," The New York Times, Feb. 11, 2001.

Presentations (Groups 3&6)

May 2 Final Critique