SOCS 641
History of the Papacy, 1500-Present

Michael Printy

3 papers:
1. A short paper on primary sources (5-7pp).
2. An "obituary" of any pope as if written at the time of his death -- i.e. without the benefit of hindsight (5-7pp).
3. A review essay surveying at least two books or the equivalent on a particular topic relevant to the course (7-10pp).

All assignments must be completed satisfactorily to receive a passing grade

Required Readings
Eamon Duffy, Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes, 2nd. Ed (Yale, 2001)

Peter Godman, Hitler and the Vatican: Inside the Secret Archives that Reveal the New Story of the Nazis and the Church (Simon and Schuster, 2004)

David Kertzer, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara: The Extraordinary Story of How a Jewish Child, Made a Prisoner of the Vatican in 1858, Ended the Rule of the Popes in Italy (Random House, 1998)

Walter Ullmann, A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages (Routledge, 2002)

A.D. Wright, The Early Modern Papacy: From the Council of Trent to the French Revolution, 1564-1789 (Longman, 2000)

A Course Reader of primary and secondary sources (readings marked with * in syllabus).

NB: Duffy's Saints and Sinners is meant to provide a synoptic overview and will overlap with some of the other secondary readings.

Suggested: J.N.D. Kelly, The Oxford Dictionary of the Popes (Oxford, 1986)

Course Schedule
February 2 Introduction, papacy to 1000

Ullmann, ch. 1-6
Duffy, ch. 1-2
*Tome of Leo I
*Readings on Gregory the Great

Gospel of Luke, Acts of the Apostles
Eusebius, The History of the Church
W.H.C. Frend, The Early Church (Philadelphia, 1982)
Peter Brown, The Rise of Western Christendom: Triumph and Diversity, A.D. 200-1000 (Blackwell, 2003)

February 9 Gregory VII to Avignon

Ullmann, ch. 7-13
Duff, ch. 3
*Documents on the Investiture Controversy
*Unam Sanctam

Uta Blumental, The Investiture Controversy (Philadelphia, 1988)

February 16 Conciliarism, Humanism, Renaissance Papacy

Duffy, 177-195
*Haec Sancta
*Erasmus, Julius Exclusus

Francis Oakley, The Western Church in the Later Middle Ages (Ithaca, 1979)

February 23 Reformation and Early Counterreformation

Duffy, 196-229
*Luther, "An appeal to the ruling class of the German Nation"
*Consilium de emendanda ecclesiae

Heiko Oberman, Luther: Man between God and the Devil (Yale, 1989)
John Olin, Catholic Reform: From Cardinal Ximenes to the Council of Trent (New York, 1990)

March 2 Counter-Reformation and Early Modern Papacy, Trent

Wright, Early Modern Papacy
*Reform Decrees of the Council of Trent

John O'Malley, The First Jesuits (Harvard, 1993)
Paolo Prodi, The papal prince: one body and two souls: the papal monarchy in early modern Europe (Cambridge, 1987)

March 9 Rise of the State, Enlightment, Decline of papal prestige

Duffy, 230-246
*Hobbes, Leviathan (selection)
*Declaration of the Gallican Clergy of 1682

Owen Chadwick, The Popes and the European Revolution (Oxford, 1981)
John McManners, The French Revolution and the Church (Westport, 1982)

March 30 French Revolution, Napoleon, Age of Concordats, Liberalism

Duffy, Chapter 5
*Roberts, "Napoleon and the Condordat of 1801)"
*Gregory XVI, Mirari vos

Owen Chadwick, A History of the Popes, 1830-1914 (Oxford, 1998)

April 6 Pius IX, Nationalism, Vatican I

Kertzer, Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara
*Pius IX, Quanta cura and Syllabus of Errors
*Decrees of Vatican I

Frank Coppa, Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli and papal politics in European affairs (Albany, 1990)

April 13 Leo XIII, Social Question, Modernism

Duffy, Chapter 6
*Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum
*Pius  X, Lamentabili

April 20 WWI, Fascism and WWII, Pius XII

Godman, Hitler and the Vatican
*Mit Brennender Sorge

April 27 John XXIII, Vatican II, Paul VI

Duffy, Chapter 6
*Decrees of Vatican II
*Paul VI, Humanae Vitae

May 4 John Paul II, Cold War, Marxism and Christianity, Globalization, "Culture" wars

*Evangelium Vitae
*Ratzinger Report
Gutierrez, A Theology of Liberation (excerpt)