SCIE 634
Biology of Sex

Joyce Powzyk

Course Schedule
January 30 Course Introduction/What is Sex?/Asexual & Sexual Reproduction/Recombination/Errors During Sex/Genome/Phenotype & Genotype
February 6 Passive Egg Fallacy/Monoicous vs. Dioecious/Hermaphrodites/Sex Underwater/Sex on Land/Fitness
February 13 Fungal Sex/Bacteria Sex/Slime Molds/Why Have just 2 Sexes?/The Red Queen-Arms Race
February 20 Parthenogenic Animals/Clones/Are We All Born Female?/Feminizers
February 27 Mating Strategies/Female Selected Traits & Male Selected Traits/Bateman's Experiment/Runaway Hypothesis/Handicap Principle
March 5 Male Tactics/Spermatophores/Nuptial Gifts/Sperm Competition/Giant Sperm
March 12 Midterm Exam
March 19 Mid-semester Break
March 26 Mid-semester Break
April 2 Kinship & Eusociality/Female Workers: How Disney Got it Wrong in the "Bee Movie"/Reproductive Assurance/Paternity Confusion
April 9 Imprinting of Genes/Selfish Babies/Weaning Conflict/Sex Ratios/Inbreeding/Homosexuality
April 16 Battle of the Sexes/Male & Female Brains/Role Reversal/How Males & Females Deal with Stress
April 23 Infidelity/Mating Systems in Human Societies/Attraction Cues/Modern Infertility
April 30 Film and Discussion
May 7 Student Presentations
Final Exam to be Scheduled