ARTS 628
One: The Creation and Performance of the Solo Play

William Francisco  

Absence Policy
There can be one excused absence with permission from the instructor and one for emergencies. If there are any more than two absences the student will be advised to drop the class
Course Calendar
Meeting 1 Meet the class
Overview of the course
Discuss performance character choices
Meet Mark Twain Act 1
Meeting 2 Performance character final choices
Assignment: First performance piece: "Me" Monologues due 7/5
Meet Mark Twain Act 2
Assignment: Read "Belle of Amherst"
Meeting 3 Perform and stage "Me" Monologues
Perf. ch. research reports
Discuss "Belle"
Met Emily Act 1
Meeting 4 Discuss class notes on Emily 1
Meet Emily
Assignment: Read Bogosian pp. 85-157 and Deveare pp. XV11-32
Meeting 5 Perf. ch. research reports
Discuss and work with Anna and Eric
Assignment: Finish reading Anna and Eric
Meeting 6 Catch up time and thoughts while thinking. Plus numerous digressions and such