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McNair Program
McNair Program

Application Instructions

This application has three parts:

Section 1 is basic contact information.

Section 2 is about your family background and income.  This information is required to determine your eligibility for this federally funded program.  For the questions on financial need, you will need a copy of your family's income tax return from last year.

Section 3 is about your academic program and goals, and will include a research proposal and personal statement.

If you have questions about any part of this application, contact Ronnie Hendrix at 860-685-3165 or

Section 1. Contact Information

Section 2. Family Background


First Generation Qualification

Where do I find this? 
                line on 1040 - 43
                line on 1040A - 27
                line on 1040EZ - 6
                if no form filed enter no form filed

Section 3. Academic Program and Goals


Research Proposal & Personal Statement

Required Supporting Documents

Please send hard copies to:

Ronnie Hendrix
McNair Program

222 Church St.
Allbritton Center 2nd Floor, Room 212
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459
  • Copy of income tax form
  • Copy of financial award letter
  • Transcript
  • References from individuals listed in Section 3