McNair Research Talks 2012

Julia Marroquin Ceron Mentor: Prof. Octavio Flores Spanish Legal Translation and Interpretation: Wesleyan students and involvement with the greater Middletown community
Albert Maldonado Mentor: Prof. Robert Steele Facilitating a Conducive Classroom Environment
AhDream Smith Mentor: Prof. Robert Steele Representations of the Black female: a Minority of One(Self-Reflection)
Alejandra Olvera Mentor: Prof. Erika Taylor Investigation of Lignin Degradation Pathway in Amidohydrolase enzymes
Melanie Brady Mentor: Prof. James Donady Embryonic Development of Colomba and neurological phenomena experienced in the visually deficient world
Nicole Long Mentor: Prof. Sarah Carney Representations of Crimes and Criminals in Children's Television
Shipra Kanjila Mentor: Prof. Hillary Barth Cognitive Development of Numerical Representation
Matthew Figueroa Mentor: Prof. Patricia Rodriguez-Mosquera The Emotional Effects of Self-Image Threats
Naadu Bentsi-Enchill Mentor: Prof. Susan Lourie Parameters of Interpretation in Dance
Stephanie Aracena Mentor: Prof. Fred Cohan

Do Bacillus Species Specialize by Elevation and Soil Region ?


Tasmiha Khan Mentor: Patricia Rodriguez-Mosquera Responses to Devaluation Among American Muslims

The McNair Research Talks are designed for interested, non-expert, students.
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