Sheila Bonde

Brown Univeristy

Clark Maines
Wesleyan Univeristy
Kyle Killian
Asst. Director
Columbia University
Edward Boyden
Historian, Nassau Community College
Veronique Durey
Patricia Pongracz
Consultant Stained Glass American Bible Society
Jessica Clark
Princeton University

      The Wesleyan-Brown MONastic ARCHaeology Project at the Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, Soissons was conceived in 1980, and begun in 1982, as a multi-disciplinary project which takes monasticism rather than the monastery as its object of study.

Whats New:    

6/17/2002 The new edition of the MonArch web-site implemented

Newest Field Reports:

2001 Field Report Field Report 2001 Part I
Field Report 2001 Part II