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1996 (interpretive site plan)
This MonArch site plan represents the state of our understanding of the structures and functions of the site in 1996. Walls rendered in outline west of the church and south of the cloister are extrapolated from the 1673 bird's eye view of the monastery engraved by Louis Barbaran. Some of these walls were confirmed but not precisely recorded in the 1950's. Outline's within the Gothic church and chapter room represent Romanesque elements revealed by excavation. Functions have been assigned on basis of archaeological, architectural and written evidence, the most important of the latter being the abbey's unpublished customary.

This plan was drawn in 1818 by the French army to indicate the subdivisions of the abbey site following the dissolution of the monastery during the French Revolution; the version presented here is a tracing made from a copy (itself evidently also a tracing) made in 1852 to reflect further subdivisions. It is a useful document for our understanding the condition of the site around 1820, but as a measured plan it is inadequate by contemporary archaeological standards.

This MonArch plan reflects the surveyed portions of the site in 1986. It shows the extent of the Gothic church revealed, with the Romanesque apse within; part of the dormitory building containing the chapter room and sacristy; the Gothic cloister and, beside the west façade, the Gothic refectory. The areas represented as outlines locate trenches opened by that time, except for the chapter room, which began as trenches and shifted to open area.

This MonArch plan represents the site as it had been recorded by 1990. Added to the earlier plan are the underground sewers, seventeenth-century water tower at the southern edge of the precinct and the seventeenth century decorative basin near the center of the monastic garden. Romanesque elements revealed within the church and eastern claustral range are rendered in outline.

1990 (1990 plan with additions from 1818/1852 plan)
This Monarch site plan combines elements presented on plan n° 4 with elements traced from a scaled version of the military (n° 2). It is not therefore a fully surveyed site plan and was produced as a preliminary step toward producing one.

This MonArch site plan was produced in 1994 and represents our first fully surveyed plan of the site. Elements presented in outline include: excavated structures dating to the Romanesque phase of the site; hypothetical reconstructions of parts of structures known from standing and excavated remains.

1994 (with sub-surface features)
This MonArch site plan, also produced in 1994, presents underground cellars and water conduits.

This MonArch site plan was produced in 1996 and shows newly excavated structures in the eastern claustral range, including the latrine block. Additional contour lines in the western court are extrapolated from the Barbaran engraving of 1673, the existence of some of which were corroborated in excavations carried out in the 1950's and not accurately recorded.