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Tiles From the ABBOT'S FLOOR:

During the 1994 season, the MonArch project revealed, recorded and deposed the intact tile floor of the Medieval abbot's room. This floor dated to the thirteenth or early fourteenth century. The floor had been revealed in the 1950's, photographed and covered with soil. As a result, many tiles had become damaged by root action and a decision was made to reveal the floor again and to remove the tiles for conservation and eventual presentation in a museum.

The room itself is a small, rectangular space located off the southern cloister alley. It can be dated to c.1240 on stylistic grounds and may have served as the abbot's parlor at that time. The floor consisted of 1598 tiles, of which 718 were two-color, decorated tiles and 872 were monochromatic; 8 were unclassifiable. All tiles were 11.2cm x 11.2cm and 2.25cm thick.