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Tiles From the GOTHIC CHURCH:

     During the 1987 season, a sounding in the angle between the southern transept arm and the choir of the Gothic church revealed a deposit that included more than 500 glazed tiles and tile fragments. These tiles were brought to light beneath a tomb structure dated after c.1570 and presumably to the seventeenth-century. The tomb was built into a chapel created by enclosing the space between two adjacent exterior buttresses. From their context, we infer that the tiles came from the adjacent choir-aisle bay which would have had to have been altered to create the chapel. Their variety in size strongly suggests a number of tiling campaigns and may imply more than one original location. The tile dump contained 212 two-color decorated tiles which could be inventoried by type. There were 85 other decorated tiles, including several examples each with a single motif that are not included here, and a number too worn to identify. There were also 25 small, triangular and square tiles that were glazed either green or yellow. The rest of the dump consisted of large tiles or fragments, glazed monochromatically but not decorated.