Korean DrummingKorean Drumming Ensemble

Wesleyan Korean Drumming Ensemble is among one of the few Korean drumming ensemble courses offered in U.S. colleges. Initiated by Joo Im Moon, '03, a Freeman Asian Scholar from South Korea, the ensemble started as an informal student group in 2001.

Joo Im Moon had some p'ungmulnori lessons in Korea before coming to Wesleyan and became the instructor for the group. The informal student group met with great enthusiasm from Wesleyan students. One year later, Joo Im acquired the support from the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies and brought back a few musical instruments from Korea. She then formed the Samulnori Student Forum in Fall 2002, with Professor Su Zheng, then the Chair of the East Asian Studies Program, as faculty advisor.

Not Offered Fall 2015

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