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Wesleyan Faculty and Staff Publications 2007

Bill Barber, the Andrews Professor of Economics, Emeritus, is the author of Gunnar Myrdal: An Intellectual Biography published by Palgrave Macmillan as part of a series titled "Great Thinkers in Economics," October 2007.

Hilary Barth, assistant professor of psychology, is the co-author of "rTMS Over the Intraparietal Sulcus Disrupts Numerosity Processing," published in Experimental Brain Research, January 2007.

Jeanine Basinger, chair and the Corwin-Fuller Professor of Film Studies, curator of Cinema Archives, is the author of the books, The Star Machine, published by Knopf in October 2007, and Anthony Mann, published by Wesleyan University Press, 2007.

John Bonin, the Chester D. Hubbard Professor of Economics and Social Science, is the author of "Comments on Rosefielde, Parker/Thornton, and Woo," published in Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 49, No. 4, pp. 603-608, December 2007.

John Cannon, astronomy research associate, is the co-author of "An Ultraviolet-to-Radio Broadband Spectral Atlas of Nearby Galaxies," published in The Astrophysical Journal Volume 655, Issue 2, February 2007.

Fred Cohan, professor of biology, is the author of "A systematics for identifying the fundamental units of bacterial diversity," published in Current Biology 17:R373-R386, 2007.

Norman Danner, assistant professor of computer science, is the author of "Adventures in time and space," published in Logical Methods in Computer Science, 2007; and "Time-complexity semantics for feasible affine recursion," published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2007.

Lisa Dierker, associate professor of psychology, is the co-author of "The absence of DSM-IV nicotine dependence in moderate-to-heavy daily smokers" published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Issue 89; "Psychiatric comorbidity and acculturation stress among Puerto Rican substance abusers" published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine; "Predictive Validity of Four Nicotine Dependence Measures in a College Sample" published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Issue 87; "Testing the Dual Pathway Hypothesis to substance use in adolescence and young adulthood" published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Issue 87; and "The association between cigarette smoking and DSM-IV nicotine dependence among first year college students" published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence Issue 86, all in 2007.

Albert Fry, the E.B. Nye Professor of Chemistry, is the co-author of "Experimental/Computational Study of the Electrochemical Oxidation of Cyclooctatetraene in Protic Media. Solvent Effects," published in Organic Letters, 9, 2007.

C. Stewart Gillmor, professor of history and science, emeritus, is the author of "Stanford, the IBM 650, and the First Trials of Computer Date Matching," published in the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, Vol. 29, No. 1, January-March 2007.

Richard Grossman, professor of economics and chair of the Economics Department, is the author of “Fickle Economy will Fluctuate,” an article about the outlook for the Connecticut economy, which was published in the Dec. 31, 2007 edition of the Hartford Business Journal.

Lori Gruen, chair and associate professor of Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies and associate professor of philosophy; and Laura Grabel, the Fisk Professor of Natural Science and professor of biology are co-editors and authors of Stem Cell Research: The Ethical Issues, published by Wiley Publishers, Sept. 2007.

Scott Higgins, associate professor of film studies, is the author of the book, Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow: Color Design in the 1930s published by the University of Texas Press, December 2007.

Manju Hingorani, associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry and Emily Palmer '06 are co-authors of "The effects of nucleotides on MutS-DNA binding kinetics clarify the role of MutS ATPase activity in mismatch repair," published in The Journal Of Molecular Biology 366(4) March 2007.Christiaan Hogendorn, assistant professor of economics, is the author of "Tacit Collusion in Capacity Investment: The Role of Capacity Exchanges," published in the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 7(1) (Topics), Article 25, 2007.

Christiaan Hogendorn, assistant professor of economics, is the author of "Tacit Collusion in Capacity Investment: The Role of Capacity Exchanges," published in the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 7(1) (Topics), Article 25, 2007.

 Joyce Jacobsen, the Andrews Professor of Economics and tutor in the College of Social Studies, and Adam Zeller ’00 are the co-editors of the book Queer Economics: A Reader published by Routledge, 2007.

Matthew Kurtz, assistant professor of psychology, is the author of "Neurocognitive remediation for schizophrenia: A review of recent advances," published in Current Psychiatry Reviews, in press; "A virtual-reality apartment as a measure of medication management skills in patients with schizophrenia: A pilot study," published in Schizophrenia Bulletin, in press; and "Computer-assisted cognitive remediation in schizophrenia: What is the active ingredient?" published in Schizophrenia Research, 2007.

Scott Holmes, associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, is the co-author of "Isolation and Characterization of Conditional Alleles of the Yeast SIR2 Gene," to be published in the April 13 issue of the Journal of Molecular Biology. This article is the culmination of a long term project executed by a series of Wesleyan undergraduates. Six are authors on the paper, and include Merrit Hickman BA '03, MA '04; Kalyani McCullough BA '00, MA '01, Adrienne Woike '99; Laura Raducha-Grace '03; Tania Rozario '05; and Danielle Margalit '99.

Joyce Jacobsen, the Andrus Professor of Economics, is the author of "Marriage, Specialization, and the Gender Division of Labor," published in the Journal of Labor Economics, 25(4) 763-93, Oct. 2007. This article was co-authored with Matthew Baker '90.

Barbara Juhasz, assistant professor of psychology, is the co-author of "Do readers obtain preview benefit from word n+2: A test of serial attention shift versus distributed lexical processing models of eye movement control in reading," published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 33, 230-245, February 2007 and is the author of the book chapter, “The influence of semantic transparency on eye movements during English compound word recognition,” published in <i>Eye Movements: A Window on Mind and Brain</i>, pages 373-389. New York: Elsevie, April 2007. She also is the co-author of "Eye movements and the processing of focus structure during reading," published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 60, 1423-1445, October 2007.

Ethan Kleinberg, associate professor of letters, is the author of paper-back version Generation X, published by Cornell University Press, January 2007.

Tsampikos Kottos, assistant professor of physics, together with his graduate students, Joshua Bodyfelt and Moritz Hiller are the authors of "Engineering fidelity echos in Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonians" published in Europhysics Letters Vol. 78, and along with Gim Seng Ng '08, is the author of "Wavepacket dynamics of the nonlinear Harper model" published in Physical Review Letters, B 75, both in 2007.

Berel Lang, visiting professor of philosophy and letters, is the author of the essays "Evil, Suffering, and the Holocaust,” published in The Cambridge Companion to Modern Jewish Philosophy and "Jerusalem Snapshots" in the Michigan Quarterly Review. A translation of his book, Act and Idea in the Nazi Genocide has been published in Polish by the Press of Marie Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. 

Leo Lensing, chair of the German Studies Department, professor of film studies, is the author of a review essay titled, "Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Wunderkind," which appeared as the cover article of the Times Literary Supplement on April 20, 2007 and Karl Kraus als Vorleser (Karl Kraus the Reader) . This edition includes an essay on the Austrian satirist's famous public readings, and was published by Ulrich Keicher Verlag in Germany on Sept. 7, 2007.

Miri Nakamura
assistant professor of Japanese languages and literatures, is the author of "Horror and Machines in Prewar Japan: The Mechanical Uncanny" in Yumeno Kyusaku's Dogura Magura and Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime, published by the University of Minnesota Press, 2007

Andrea Patalano, assistant professor of neuroscience and behavior and assistant professor of psychology, is the co-author of “Indecisiveness and insensitivity to risk" published in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making,” 2007 and  “The role of category coherence in category-based prediction,” published in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 2007. 

Katherine Rhode, MA ’97, research associate in the Astronomy Department, is the co-author of “A black hole in a globular cluster,” published in Nature, January 2007.

Francisco Rodriguez, assistant professor of economics and Latin American studies, is the author of “Why Chavez Wins,” posted in Foreign Policy, January 2007. The article is online at: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/story/cms.php?story_id=3685. He also is the author of "Venezuela: The Emperor Wants New Clothes," published in the Dec. 1, 2007 issue of Economic and Political Weekly.

Norm Shapiro, professor of romance languages and literatures, is the translator of The Complete Fables of Jean de la Fontaine, published by the University of Illinois Press, August 2007. David Schorr, professor of art, illustrated the 504-page book.

Matthew Sharpe, assistant professor of English, is the author of the book Jamestown published by Soft Skull Press, 2007.

Ruth Striegel-Moore, the Walter A. Crowell University Professor of the Social Sciences and professor of psychology, is the co-author of "Facets of acculturation and their diverse relations to body shape concern in Fiji," published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, 2007.

Daniel Hiroyuki Teraguchi, dean for diversity and academic advancement, is the co-author of Making a Read Difference with Diversity: A Guide to Institutional Change, published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2007.This monograph provides readers with a step-by-step guide for implementing, evaluating and sustaining comprehensive diversity work on campus.

Ellen Thomas, research professor for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is the co-author of "Middle-late Miocene benthic foraminifera in a western equatorial Indian Ocean depth transect: Paleoceanographic implications," published in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 247: 402-420, "Reappraisal of early Paleogene CCD curves: foraminiferal assemblages and stable carbon isotopes across the carbonate facies of the Perth Abyssal Plain," published in International Journal of Earth Sciences and "Deep-Sea environments across the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary in the eastern South Atlantic Ocean," published in Marine Micropaleontology, 2007.

In addition, she is the co-author of "Cenozoic mass extinctions in the deep sea; what disturbs the largest habitat on Earth?" published in Large Ecosystem Perturbations: Causes and Consequences, a Geological Society of America Special Paper, 424:1-24; "Emendation of the genus Streptochilus Bronnimann and Resig, 1971 (Foraminifera) and new species from the lower Miocene of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans," published in Micropaleontology, 53: 73-104; and "Paleoceanographical proxies based on deep-sea benthic foraminiferal assemblage characteristics," published in Proxies in Late Cenozoic Paleoceanography (Pt. 2): Biological tracers and biomarkers, p. 263-325, 2007.

Jolee West, Academic Computing manager for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, is the co-author of a "Differentiating bamboo from stone tool cut marks in the zooarchaeological record, with a discussion on the use of bamboo knives" published in the Journal of Archaeological Science 34(4): 512-518. April 2007.

Krishna Winston, professor and chair of German Studies, dean of the Arts and Humanities, and the Marcus L. Taft Professor of German Language and Literature, is the translator of Crossing the Sierra de Gredos written by Peter Handke, August 2007.

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