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Grants at Wesleyan 2008

Ann Burke, associate professor of biology, and Sonia Sultan, professor of biology, received individual grants from the Eppley foundation for research. The Eppley Foundation for Research supports advanced post-doctoral work in the physical and biological sciences, computer science, social sciences, and educational programs. Burke's grant, worth $32,442, will help to support her postdoctoral research fellow, Rebecca Shearman. Sultan's grant, worth $25,000, provides support while she writes a book.

David Beveridge, the University Professor of the Sciences and Mathematics, professor of chemistry, received a National Institutes of Health grant renewal to support the Molecular Biophysics Training Program. Wesleyan is the only liberal arts college to have such a program. The grant will support the program for an additional three years.

Barbara Juhasz, assistant professor of psychology, received a contract worth $19,818 to examine eye movements of older adults during webpage viewing.

Janice Naegele,
professor of neuroscience and behavior, professor and chair of biology, is the co-recipient of a grant from the Fragile X Foundation worth $69,450 for the "Role of STEP in Fragile X Syndrome." The grant was awarded May 1. Fragile X is the most common inherited cause of mental impairment and the most common known cause of autism. About 25 percent of children with Fragile X have seizures and epilepsy. The grant will support research on the causes and potential treatments for epilepsy in a mouse model of Fragile X. In addition to the grant, Professor Naegele and her collaborators were invited to participate in the FRAXA Research Foundation Investigators Meeting in September 2008 in Durham, N.H.

Masami Imai, assistant professor of economics, assistant professor of East Asian Studies, received a research grant from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's Center for Financial Research for a proposal titled "Real Effects of Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Japan" on April 30.

Wesleyan's Green Street Arts Center received a $75,000 grant from the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA). CHEFA's grant will provide the After School Program with program support, as well as establish a Health and Wellness component. As part of the After School activities, the grant will allow Green Street Arts Center to bring professionals in the fields of nutrition, health, exercise, and mental health to teach life-long health habits.

Wesleyan's Long Lane Farm received a $1,000 grant from the Rockfall Foundation March 24 to fund "Sustainable Cities High School Interns." Long Lane Farm will be able to hire two Middletown high school students that will combine discussion of agriculture, food-politics and small business management with hands on experience, and will contribute to the viability of organic farming as a legitimate career. They will work for six weeks this summer.

The Jonah Center for Earth and Art
received a $1,000 grant from the Rockfall Foundation March 24 for "Environmental Education Outreach." The grant will support environmental education programs pertaining to the center's activities in Middletown's North End Peninsula. Barry Chernoff, professor of biology, the Robert Schumann Professor of Environmental Studies, and director of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program, is president of the Jonah Center, and Tim Ku, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences is a member of the Jonah Center.

Stephen Angle, associate professor of philosophy, associate professor of East Asian studies and chair of the Philosophy Department, was awarded a $128,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to host a six-week summer seminar titled "Traditions Into Dialogue: Confucianism and Contemporary Virtue Ethics," July 7 through Aug. 15 at the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies.

The Center for the Arts received a $500 grant from the Rockfall Foundation March 24 to fund a "Feet to the Fire Festival Intern." The event is an arts and science campus/community festival at Veteran's Memorial Park to engage in multi-disciplinary activities to heighten the understanding and awareness of climate change.

Wesleyan's Long Lane Farm Project for summer 2008 has been supported by a grant from The Rockfall Foundation in Middletown. The grant, awarded in February, will fund the second year of the Sustainable Cities Initiative, a six week Internship for three Middletown High School students. Long Lane Farm is a student run agricultural project committed to researching and practicing sustainable agricultural methods, distributing locally grown organic produce to the community and educating the public about the environmental and social implications of food production.

The Wesleyan Connection will post all new grants awarded in 2008. To submit a grant, e-mail newsletter@wesleyan.edu. To view grants from previous years, visit The Wesleyan Connection's Archives at http://www.wesleyan.edu/newsletter/campus/newsletterarchives.html.