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Courses by Category

FALL 2015

SPRING 2016 



BIOL 181 & 191

Principles of Biology I

BIOL 182 & 192

Principles of Biology II

CHEM 141

Introductory Chemistry I

CHEM 142

Introductory Chemistry II

CHEM 143

Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 144

Principles of Chemistry II

CHEM 251

Principles of Organic Chemistry  I

CHEM 252

Principles of Organic Chemistry II

Two additional courses from the following (beginning with graduating class of 2016):

Physics (PHYS 111 or 112 or 113 or 116); Psychology (PSYC105); Mathematics (MATH 117 or higher); and/or Computer Science (COMP112, COMP211 or higher)


NS&B 213

Behavioral Neurobiology



A. Biology Courses:

A. Biology Courses

NS&B 224 (01)(02)

Hormones, Brain and Behavior

NS&B 239

Brain Anatomy

NS&B 252 Cell Biology of the Neuron NS&B 249 Neuroethology
NS&B 343/543 Muscle and Nerve Development   NS&B 328 Chemical Senses
NS&B 353 (01)(02)(03) Neurobiology of Neurological Disorders   NS&B 356 Neurodevelopmental Disorders
B. Psychology Courses:

B. Psychology  Courses:

NS&B 220 Cognitive Psychology

NS&B 220 (01)(02)

NS&B 222

Cognitive Psychology

Sensation & Perception

NS&B 221 (01)(02)  Human Memory NS&B 225 Cognitive Neuroscience
NS&B 227     Motivation and Reward NS&B 227 Motivation and Reward
NS&B 239  Brain Anatomy NS&B 316 Schizophrenia and Its Treatment...
NS&B 329 Neural Costs of War
NS&B 353 (01)(02)(03) Neurobiology of Neurological Disorders NS&B 342 Music Perception and Cognition
NS&B 348 Origins of Knowledge

C. Research Methods and Practica:

C. Research Methods and Practica:

MATH 132 (01)(02)

Elementary Statistics

MATH 132 (01)(02) Elementary Statistics

NS&B 215            

RM in Animal Research               

NS&B 210 RM in Cognition

NS&B 247          

Lab in Neurophysiology

NS&B 250/555 Lab in Cellular & Beh Neurosc

NS&B 280 (01)(02)(03)

Applied Data Analysis NS&B 399 Lab in Gambling, Drugs and Junk Food
PSYC 200 (01)(02)(03) Statistics: An Activity Based Approach

Research Tutorials

*See below for description

Research Tutorials

*See below for description

*Research tutorials have several course designations including 409/410, and 423/424. The appropriate course number should be determined in consultation with your faculty supervisor.

Note: Math 132 may be taken to meet requirements for either the methodological or foundation major requirements but not both.  Methodological courses may not be credited toward the requirements of categories A or B.