Meeting Minutes 4/29/2010

From: Mariel Matze [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:37 PM
To: Silva, Jonathan; Vackova, Veronika; Ventura, Rene; Cecil, Max; Johnson-Thornton, Renee
Subject: Minutes 4-29

Hi guys,

We missed you, Jon and Max! Everyone, please please PLEASE read the highlighted part below-- there's a lot we need to get done before Tuesday's meeting. 




- Accept new people each semester, not ongoing

- Facilitations: pair one experienced person (with WesDEF or otherwise) with a non-experienced person. These pairs lead a discussion for one class on the forum. Pair them based on complementary interests and expertise.

- same people in the same dorms, everyone competent in them

- 1 WesDEF pair/40-50 freshman (accounting for nonparticipation)

- 6 pairs (12 people), 2 floaters for backup, subbing, interning, etc.

- Talk to Maureen or Sharice about which RAs are open to working with us 

- post-facilitation email with RAs


- paid out of Renee's office

- administrative (meeting reminder, booking room, online updates, publications, 

- laiason with ResLife, student groups, program houses

- name TBA

- will choose on Tuesday


- also not decisive leader, an administrative responsibility, like the intern. 

- Renee will look into paying them for the supplementary prep work 

- will choose on Tuesday

To-Do Before Tuesday:

- discuss by email a name for non-intern

- please let us know if you'd like to be a non-intern or reserach assistant and why

- (email Maureen and Sharice and ask if they would be willing to help us find RAs to work with)-- Veronika will ask them soon

- finish a forum draft by Tuesday to turn in to Prof. Cutler by Wednesday

- Jon and Rene, please add your WesID to the timesheet googledocs so Renee can pay you

Agenda for Tuesday:

- forum proposal

- finalize and prep for Spring Training